Madcap Moss must defeat Corbin and move on after Hell in a Cell - Daily DDT

WWE has a dearth of stars at the top of the roster. That’s even more prevalent when trying to identify young, new names that fans can latch onto for the future. There’s an opportunity to develop one with Madcap Moss, and his match against Happy Corbin at WWE Hell in a Cell must be the step to push him in the right direction.

Madcap Moss’s main roster booking has been underwhelming to date. Even though he and Happy Corbin have all the potential to be much bigger stars, WWE has entrenched them in a “storyline of futility.” Everyone knew the turn was eventually coming and Corbin would attack Moss. Now that it’s occurred, WWE must take this opportunity to push Moss into a bigger role on SmackDown. Much of that is tied to his performance and the outcome for the PPV.

Moss must go over Corbin and bring this feud to an end on Sunday. The two men can batter each other, delivering a hard-fought, back-and-forth contest. But at the end of the evening, Moss must see his hand raised and then move in another direction. We all know WWE loves its rematches on top of rematches but doing so in this situation would kill any of the growing interest in Moss.

But where does he go from there? The SmackDown roster has a few options that would help.

For example, Moss could get involved with Max Dupri with the latter trying to bring him into Knight Model Management, leading to feuds with that group. There are other names on the roster such as Ridge Holland and Sheamus that could serve as elevating feuds for Moss as well. If well booked over an extended period of time, he could even become one of the few names as viable opponents to get a victory over Roman Reigns.

One of the biggest complaints about the current direction of WWE is the lack of fresh storylines and faces to get behind. Madcap Moss needs a rebrand and WWE has taken the first few steps to get him there. The finishing touches need to come at Hell in a Cell, where he should finish off this angle with Happy Corbin and move on to something more while the opportunity presents itself.

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