411's WWE Talking Smack Report: 06.04.22 - Nattie Talks Ronda Rousey, Shanky Dances ...

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 06.04.22

-We see the close of Riddle and Nakamura losing to The Usos thanks to Roman’s music distracting Riddle. No Roman though as it was just Sami Zayn helping out The Bloodline. Riddle attacks Sami, but The Usos save.

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to the show and she is joined by Matt Camp. JBL will be joining the show later.

-Headlines: Madcap Moss returned with a new look and faces Corbin on Sunday. Nattie gets the next shot at Ronda Rousey and her title. Drew helped New Day again against The Brawling Brutes and Butch gets the win this week.

-Up first is Jinder Mahal beating Humberto thanks to dancing machine Shanky. Sam Irvine is impressed and she dances with Shanky this week.

-Megan is backstage with Shanky and he shows her some of his dance moves. Jinder shows up to kill the buzz and tells Shanky he has the opportunity to learn from him. He tells Shanky to take things seriously.

-Back with Jackie telling us she wishes we could have seen JBL’s face during that interview. JBL is not a fan of dancing Shanky. He admits it did work tonight. Next the jump to the close of the show with Sami helping The Usos. JBL says Sami is very talented, but he is bonkers. Jackie was impressed with Riddle and JBL agrees. He compares Riddle to Piper and while he doesn’t understand everything with Riddle he knows he will be a WWE superstar for years to come.

-Nattie and Moss still to come!

-NXT2.0 In Your House commercial. I haven’t watched it yet as I was doing Austin interview with Jarrett.

-Back with the close of the 6 man where Butch gets the pin on Woods. Jackie and Camp discuss.

-Next the close of the 6 pack woman’s match with Nattie stealing a pin and getting a shot at Ronda’s Title.

-Megan is backstage with Nattie and she brags about being five other women. She is the BOAT as nobody is close to touching how many wins she has in her career. She is out for blood and calls out Ronda for looking own on the division. Nattie is going to stomp a mud hole in Ronda’s face.

-Jackie and Camp discuss!


-Bianca, Asuka, Becky commercial for Hell in a Cell!

-Back with talk of Madcap Moss’ return as he faced off with Happy Corbin. A chair gets involved for the DQ as Moss just wanted payback. Pearce books Corbin vs Moss for tomorrow in No Holds Barred.

-Moss is backstage and while he doesn’t like losing, it felt good to use the chair on Corbin. No Holds Barred is exactly what he wants.

-Jackie and Camp run down the entire Hell in a Cell card and then they bring JBL back. He is team Corbin and makes a Will Smith joke about slapping a comedian. JBL says the problem with Moss is that the guy who built him, can destroy him.

-Predictions: JBL is taking Cody and knows he will be a World Champion soon. Camp agrees with that and wants to talk Bianca vs. Asuka vs. Lynch. He thinks a win puts Bianca on the track for greatest of all time.

-Jackie tells JBL goodbye and then they plug In Your House. Max runs down the main matches on the card and we are out this week.

-Same show as always, but you knew. Thanks for reading!

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