AEW Double or Nothing 2022 match grades, results: CM Punk wins the AEW World Title ...

For the first time since 2013, CM Punk is a world champion in the world of pro wrestling. At All Elite Wrestling's Double or Nothing event Sunday, Punk beat "Hangman" Adam Page to win the AEW World Title.

The crowd inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas was on its feet for the entire event. It had the same fire at midnight ET as it did when the show started around 7:30 p.m. ET. The night felt like a big boxing or MMA event, fitting for the Las Vegas setting. 

Page did everything in his power to retain his title, and he used all of his anger to make Punk stay down. Punk would not give up. Page, in returning to his conflicted roots, ended up making one tiny mistake, and it allowed Punk to hit the GTS for the win. The 43-year-old Punk is on top of the world once again. 

Outside of the main event, all the other titles were successfully defended. Jurassic Express retained the AEW World Tag Team titles, Thunder Rosa retained the AEW Women's World Title and Jade Cargill defended the TBS Title. 

Adam Cole and Britt Baker, AEW's power couple, won the Owen Hart Cup tournament and were honored by Martha Hart. 

There were a few wild brawls, heel turns and extremely satisfying moments. And MJF did show up after reports he wouldn't be at the event. 

The Sporting News provided live updates from AEW Double or Nothing, including match grades and highlights. Here's how it all went down (all times Eastern): 

AEW Double or Nothing 2022 live results, updates, match grades

6:55 p.m.: We are moments away from AEW Double or Nothing event. One of the big stories heading into it is whether MJF will show up to face Wardlow amid contract discussions between MJF and Tony Khan. 

7:15 p.m.: The MJF-Wardlow match is expected to be first on the card.

7:30 p.m.: The Buy-In has begun and people are still attempting to enter T-Mobile Arena. 

7:35 p.m.: The Acclaimed and The Gunn Club come out to hype up the crowd before Double or Nothing. 

Hook and Danhausen def. Tony Nese and 'Smart' Mark Sterling

7:45 p.m.: The lone Buy-In match has begun, with Hook and Danhausen vs. Tony Nese and "Smart" Mark Sterling. The crowd loves it some Hook. Danhausen curses Nese and lands a few high-flying moves. Sterling distracts Danhausen and Nese starts pounding away. 

Danhausen has been playing the face in peril. Nese attacks Hook before a tag could be made. Hook is finally tagged in and the crowd erupts. Hook with a few suplexes. Sterling gets tagged in and Hook suplexes him in the ring. Hook lands a few more suplexes. Before he can finish Sterling off, Hook tags in Danhausen and he pins him for the win. 

The match was a showcase for Hook and for Danhausen to be himself. It got the job done. 

Grade: B+

8 p.m.: The PPV has begun and the fans are already loud and excited. 

Wardlow def. MJF

MJF has arrived after a debate over whether he would show up. He mocks the fans with a plane reference. Wardlow was inside the T-Mobile Arena holding cell, which was a nice touch. 

MJF stays out of the ring as the match begins. He tries to land a cheap shot but Wardlow is not having it. Wardlow finally gets his hands on MJF and attempts a powerbomb. MJF bites Wardlow and pokes him in the eye. Another powerbomb attempt turns into an MJF hurricanrana. MJF pretends to have a leg injury and attempts to use the Diamond Ring. The referee and Wardlow catch him before he can do anything. 

MJF tries to give Wardlow money, but as they shake hands Wardlow lands a powerbomb. He lands another, and a third one. He lands two more and then stops himself from getting the win. Wardlow lands one more, to the delight of the crowd. For good measure, he does it five more times and finally pins MJF for the win. MJF does the stretcher job. 

Was this match a classic? No, but it was never meant to be. A monthslong storyline paid off with Wardlow getting revenge on MJF. Wardlow is made to look like a star and the fans are extremely happy. What does the future hold for MJF? 

Grade: A

Tony Khan has signed Wardlow now that he is no longer under contract with MJF. 

The Hardys def. The Young Bucks

Up next is a match people have been waiting years for: The Young Bucks vs. The Hardys. Caprice Coleman is on commentary for the match. Matt Jackson and Matt Hardy start things off. They perform a few counters as the crowd is split in its support. Matt tags in Nick as Jeff Hardy is in. Hardys get inside the minds of The Young Bucks early as Matt and Nick have to recover on the outside. 

Jeff tries Poetry in Motion but Nick kicks him in the face. Now the face in peril, Jeff tries to fight back. Brandon Cutler attacks Matt Hardy while the referee isn't looking. Nick goes for the Whisper in the Wind but Jeff counters and does the move himself. Matt Hardy tags himself in and attacks Nick and Matt. Side Effect for only two. Jeff tries to perform a move, but he looks hurt as he is slower than usual. A superkick by The Young Bucks lands on Jeff. 

Matt Hardy is taking the brunt of the damage as Jeff does appear to be hurt. Miscommunication by The Bucks and Matt Hardy is now cleaning house. Jeff is back in and The Hardys land Poetry in Motion. Twist of Fate attempt by Matt Hardy gets blocked. Jawbreaker from the top rope by Jeff but he misses a Swanton Bomb. Matt and Nick land the Twist of Fate/Swanton combination (a la The Hardys), but Jeff kicks out. Superkick to both Matt and Jeff. Bucks land more superkicks but the Hardys will not give up. 

The Young Bucks grab the steel steps and attempt to injure Jeff. Powerbomb from Matt Hardy to Nick Jackson. Jeff puts Matt Jackson on the steps and heads to the top rope. He lands a Swanton on the steps, and Matt Hardy lands a Twist of Fate to Matt Jackson, who kicks out. Another Twist of Fate attempt fails but he gets it after another try. Jeff lands a Swanton Bomb and gets the win. 

This match had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, The Hardys' age showed. It was sloppy and slow at times. It picked up at the end, but there wasn't much to write home about. Hopefully Jeff is OK. 

Grade: C-

Jade Cargill def. Anna Jay, retains TBS Title

Jade Cargill is ready to defend the TBS Title against Anna Jay. Jay is wearing her old "Star of the Show" ring gear and nothing Dark Order-related. Jade lands a suplex and shows off, to the delight of the crowd. Snap suplex by Jade, who is overpowering Jay. Flying elbow by Jade, but as she goes to the top rope, Jay lands a superplex. 

Jay lands a side kick and attempts to take Jade down. The former lands a top rope neckbreaker that looked a bit sloppy. Now on the outside, Kiera Hogan and Red Velvet try to attack Jay. She holds them off, however. Big boot by Jade. Jay with a rollup for a close call. "Smart" Mark Sterling distracts the ref and Jade tries to use a crutch. Jay uses it against Jade, however, but she couldn't get the win. John Silver attacks Sterling. Eye of the Storm of Jade but it is not enough. Queenslayer submission by Jay but Jade gets up. 

On the top rope, Jade and Jay are distracted by Stokely Hathaway (the former Malcolm Bivens). Top rope Jaded and Jade is still TBS champion. 

Kris Statlander tries to help out Jay following the match. Athena (the former Ember Moon) makes her debut and helps out Statlander and Jay. 

The postmatch antics might have been better than the actual match. Jay and Jade did give it their all, however. The AEW women's division might have just gotten the big boost it needed. 

Grade: B-

House of Black def. Death Triangle

A grudge match between House of Black and Death Triangle is finally happening.  Rey Fenix and Malakai Black start things off. They trade moves and now sit on the floor to admire one another. Buddy Matthews comes in and Fenix lands a superkick. Fenix tags in Penta and Matthews mocks Penta. Matthews ends up out on the floor and he and Penta play mind games with one another. PAC is in and so is Brody King. 

As King was going to go to the outside, Death Triangle confronts him. Everyone brawls; there is chaos on the outside. Fenix tries to take on all three members of the House of Black. This is a fast-paced affair as everyone is trying to put in all their moves. King with a slam that connects against PAC. Shoulder tackle by King onto PAC. Now PAC is playing the face in peril. 

Cannonball by King misses. Matthews is now in, and Penta and Fenix double-team kick him. They dive to the outside to halt any momentum House of Black may have had. Triple combination by Death Triangle but it isn't enough to get the win. Fenix tries a dive but Matthews counters, PAC then attacks, and then Black, and then Penta. King then lands a dive that almost misses. All three members of the House of Black then attack Fenix but Death Triangle intervenes. Death Triangle then take out the House of Black. 

Brainbuster by PAC onto King. Matthews lands on the apron via a Canadian Destroyer. Penta and Fenix hit a foot stomp DDT onto King. Black is now all alone. Black lands two kicks to Penta and Fenix, but PAC avoids one. PAC goes for the Black Arrow but Mathews stops him. PAC lands the 450 splash instead. Suplex from PAC. Alex Abrahantes distracts the ref and PAC hits a low blow to Black. The lights go out and Julia Hart comes out. Black mist to PAC and Black lands the kick for the win. 

This match was months in the making and it delivered. The first match on the PPV that had a solid flow. If there is one match you need to watch from Double or Nothing, it is this one. Julia Hart is finally a member of the House of Black. Everything came together in this match. 

Grade: A+

Adam Cole def. Samoa Joe in the Owen Hart Cup men's final

The finals of the men's Owen Hart Cup tournament are next. Adam Cole with pink gear honoring Owen Hart. Samoa Joe comes out to a huge reaction. Joe lands his classic moveset against Cole, dominating the early portion of the match. Joe tries a move on the outside but Cole lands a superkick. Cole then throws Joe's shoulder into the post. Back in the ring, Joe recovers, but only for a little bit. 

Cole attempts a Panama Sunrise but Joe counters. While Cole goes for Joe's shoulder, Joe isn't having it. Joe lands a series of moves to weaken Cole. Big clothesline by Joe. Backbreaker by Cole. Superkick countered into a powerbomb and now an STF by Joe. Bobby Fish attacks Joe and Cole takes advantage. Boom kick misses and Joe lands the sleeper. Out of it, Cole lands multiple kicks and then the Boom kick. Cole wins the match. 

Cole and Joe gave it their all, which is great to see from Joe. They really wanted to win the match. It showed how committed they were to making the Own Hart Cup special. 

Grade: A-

Britt Baker def. Ruby Soho in the Owen Hart Cup women's final

The women's side of the Owen Hart Cup finals is next Britt Baker takes on Ruby Soho. Just like Cole, Baker is also wearing pink to honor Owen Hart. Rancid plays Soho's entrance live. Both are evenly matched as they try to outperform the other. Baker lands some shots by the ropes, but Soho will not let go of Baker's arm. 

Armdrag takes down Baker as Soho counters all of Baker's moves. Soho with a flying dropkick onto the ring floor. She lands a suplex on the floor. Baker attacks Soho in the ring by the corner as it has gotten hard for Soho to breathe. They exchange chops and then Baker tries a submission move. Back on their feet, they trade shots but Baker lands a vicious elbow. On the top rope, a superplex spot lands and both women are down. 

Baker trash talks Soho. They exchange shots and the crowd is split. Neckbreaker, but Soho avoids the Curb Stomp. Superkick by Baker and Soho again blocks the Stomp. Suplex by Soho, and a Senton Bomb only gets two. Curb Stomp by Baker finally connects but only for two. Lockjaw attempt by Baker is blocked by Soho, and she counters into a pin. No Future by Soho, and she tries a Sharpshooter. Baker bites her hand to fight the pain and makes it to the ropes. 

Both try rollups and Baker gets the win with one of hers. 

The match started off slowly, but the crowd got into it later on. Both women gave it their all. Baker and Soho seem to work well together. Baker joins Adam Cole as Owen Hart Cup winners. 

Grade: A-

Martha Hart comes out to award Cole and Baker their tournament wins. The crowd cheers for Owen and chants "Thank you, Martha." She praises the tournament and the winners. A great moment for everyone involved. 

American Top Team def. Sami Guevara, Tay Conti & Frankie Kazarian

Former UFC star Paige VanZant is about to make her way to the ring for a tag match. She joins Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page against Sami Guevara, Tay Conti and Frankie Kazarian. Conti and Guevara are wearing replica UFC titles they stole from American Top Team.

Guevara and Page beat one another up to open the fight. Kazarian and Sky, former tag partners, then get in the ring. Guevara in the ring now and lands a cutter to Sky. Kazarian and Sky once again battle it out as Conti attacks VanZant. Paige is finally in the ring against Conti. She lands a takedown and a clothesline. VanZant with a back elbow and was looking for an attack. She hits Guevara in the gut and then pulls off a DDT. Michinoku Driver by VanZant only gets two. Conti with a few bicycle kicks. 

Facebuster on the knee by Conti to VanZant. Sky, Page and VanZant confront Conti and Guevara. Kazarian leaves his partners behind. Kazarian tags himself in. He lands a cutter to Sky. Guevara accidentally superkicks Conti. Kazarian then kicks Guevara. Sky then attacks Kazarian and pins him for the win. 

The feud between Guevara/Conti and American Top Team is finally over. The match was good for what it was. VanZant looked green but she gave it her all. Kazarian eating the pin is an interesting move considering he wasn't the main factor in the feud. Now we can finally move on.

Grade: C+

Kyle O'Reilly def. Darby Allin

Kyle O'Reilly vs. Darby Allin comes up right after the tag team match. O'Reilly lands a vicious knee strike.

O'Reilly continues his attack but Allin manages to survive. Scorpion Death Drop by Allin. Coffin Splash attempt but O'Reilly counters. Stunner by Allin. Darby runs to the outside and completely misses O'Reilly. It appears as if his head landed on the floor. He tries it again but O'Reilly catches him and locks in the submission on the outside.

O'Reilly to the top but Allin counters. Reversal and both try for a double pin. Brainbuster by O'Reilly and now an Ankle Lock. Coffin Drop on the apron. Submission attempts by O'Reilly but Allin won't give up. O'Reilly uses Allin's chain against him and attempts to put him to sleep. O'Reilly is able to get the win following a knee drop. 

For a match that was recently added, O'Reilly and Allin put on a solid performance. Hopefully Allin is OK after that scary fall. 

Grade: A-

Thunder Rosa def. Serena Deeb to retain AEW Women's World Title

The Women's World Title match is up next. Serena Deeb will face champion Thunder Rosa. The two are aggressive to start. They exchange pinning combinations and submission attempts. Arm drag by Rosa and Deeb is in trouble. 

Rosa honors her mentor Dustin Rhodes. Now Deeb finally gets some momentum and attacks Rosa by the ropes. She then lands a few submission attempts of her own. They trade shots in the middle of the ring and then Rosa lands a few lariats. Deeb goes face first into the middle turnbuckle. Rosa lands a few offensive moves by the ropes and then lands a bottom rope running dropkick. Northern Lights suplex lands but only for two. 

Both trade holds, and now Deeb locks in the Octopus Hold. Tries for a Figure Four but Rosa counters. Deeb lands a twisting neckbreaker. Russian leg sweep by Rosa and now a crossface. Deeb with a stretch of Rosa's leg but now Rosa smashes the knee of Deeb and they both hit clothelines. Death Valley Driver by Rosa but only for two. Chop block by Deeb and then locks in the Figure Four. Both slap one another and roll to the outside. 

Detox by Deeb but only for two. Powerbomb by Deeb, now she locks in a Cloverleaf. Up top now, Rosa attempts the Three Amigos but lands the Fire Thunder Driver instead to retain the title. 

As expected, Rosa and Deeb had a fantastic match. These two women know each other well. What a win for Rosa. 

Grade: A+ 

Jericho Appreciation Society wins Anarchy in the Arena

The Anarchy in the Arena match is up next. The Jericho Appreciation Society is dressed up as a boy band. Everyone is brawling while "Wild Thing" continues to play in the arena. The song continues to play which is making things even more chaotic. 

This match is out of control. Forks are being used to stab the wrestlers. A few wrestlers are bleeding while "Wild Thing" still plays in the arena. Chris Jericho finally breaks the soundboard and stops the music. Santana and Ortiz put Jake Hager through a table. Jon Moxley hits a camera onto Jericho. Daniel Garcia lands a piledriver on the steel steps. Eddie Kingston and Garcia are fighting over a belt. Everyone is bleeding now. Jericho lands a Walls of Jericho to Moxley but the table breaks with them on it. 

Now Moxley and Jericho are in the ring. Jake Hager lands a suplex onto Bryan Danielson. The ring ropes are broken and Moxley is attacking Jericho with the ring buckle. Moxley with a Regal Knee to Jericho's face. Santana and Ortiz use a ladder and land two splashes. A fire extinguisher ends up being used against Moxley. Hager, Moxley, Danielson and Jericho are now in the ring. Moxley and Danielson hammer away at Jericho and Hager and then try and submit them.

Kingston has gasoline. He pours it on Jericho and Danielson, Now Danielson and Kingston get into it. Moxley tries to stop Kingston but then gets pushed into barbed wire. Judas Effect from Jericho to Kingston. Danielson is hit with the ring ropes but kicks out at two. Danielson kicks away at Jericho and Hager. Flying knee by Danielson but Jericho kicks out. Danielson's legs gets hit with a bat. Walls of Jericho plus the ring ropes choking Danielson are enough as the match ends. The Jericho Appreciation Society wins. 

This was chaotic. Like, way-too-many-things-happened chaotic. It was very hard to keep track of anything in this match. There were a lot of brutal moments. Once the NBA playoffs ended, things became more clear. Stadium Stampede did all of its bits in pieces, allowing things to unfold. It was either the best thing ever or the worst. The visual of Eddie Kingston walking down the ring with gasoline was iconic. 

Grade: A

It was just announced that former Ring of Honor Champion RUSH has signed with AEW.  

Dante Martin challenges Scorpio Sky for the TNT title. The bout will take place in California. 

Jurassic Express retains the AEW World Tag Team Titles

The AEW World Tag Team title match is up next. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus will defend the titles against the teams of Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee and Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs. 

Luchasaurus takes down the competition in the ring while everyone else argues. Swerve and Starks battle it out for a bit before Hobbs comes in to face Swerve. Lee and Swerve attack Hobbs. Jungle Boy breaks up a pin attempt. He tries to attack Lee from the top rope, but Lee grabs him and powerbombs him on top of Luchasaurus. Hobbs just lifts up Jungle Boy. Starks shows off by walking the ropes, but it fails miserably. 

Swerve and Hobbs trade shots as Hobbs is in trouble. Starks landed hard on his neck following a throw to the outside. Luchasaurus is finally in the ring and he lets loose. Hobbs, Lee and Luchasaurus all face off and Hobbs and Lee take down Luchasaurus. Suplex by Lee takes Hobbs outside. Lee now with a senton off the ropes. Now Lee and Luchasaurus are trading shots in the ring. 

Hobbs flies off the top rope with a double neckbreaker. Christian Cage stops Starks from pinning Jungle Boy with his feet on the ropes. Jungle Boy attacks Hobbs and checks on Christian, who is hurt. Starks spears Jungle Boy but only for two. Luchasaurus and Starks now face off, but then Hobbs lands a spinebuster. Luchasaurus accidentally kicks Jungle Boy and the team of Swerve and Lee take advantage. Hobbs breaks up the pin before new champions could be crowned. Starks hits Lee with the FTW Title. A superkick by Jungle Boy lands on Swerve. Christian stops Starks from attacking Jungle Boy. 

Jurassic Express retains after pinning Swerve. Christian teases dropping Jungle Boy, a la Randy Orton and Triple H in Evolution. 

Very solid match between all three teams. Starks and Swerve have so much charisma. Surprised that Jurassic Express retained, but not disappointed. Christian once again teased turning on Jungle Boy. 

Grade: A 

CM Punk def. 'Hangman' Adam Page to become AEW World Champion 

AEW World Title match is next. CM Punk and "Hangman" Page will face off. It wouldn't be a world title fight in Las Vegas without it starting at midnight. 

Both try to get into the other's heads to start. Forearm brush to Page's face as they chop one another. This is an aggressive start to the match. 

Punk heads to the top rope and goes for a dive, but Page lifts him up and hits a fallaway slam. Page dives off the top and hits Punk hard. Hangman is in another zone as he is punishing Punk. Buckshot Lariat attempt but Punk drops Page off the ropes. Page hit a powerbomb on the apron. Punk hits a superplex off the top rope. He hits a running knee and then a bulldog. 

Springboard clothesline by Punk. He goes for the Sharpshooter but Page stops that. Page brings Punk to the outside and lands a moonsault. He might have clipped his knee. Page goes for the Buckshot but his knee buckles, allowing Punk to put in the Sharpshooter. Punk goes for the Buckshot, Page goes for the GTS, Punk goes for the Sharpshooter again. Roundhouse kick by Punk, and he goes for the Buckshot and lands it. It was not smooth, however. 

GTS attempt by both men. Hangman catches Punk mid-knee and lands a powerbomb. Dead Eye by Page but Punk kicks out at two. Page teases a GTS, but Punk lands a roundhouse instead. Page actually lands the GTS but Punk kicks out. They trade shots in the middle of the ring. Now Page clotheslines Punk and himself over the rope. Page tries to act tough outside the ring. He goes for the Buckshot but Punk goes for the GTS. The referee gets hit and is down. 

Page looks at the belt and looks to hit Punk with it. He thinks about it, drops the title, tries the Buckshot, but Punk hits the GTS and becomes world champion. 

What a match. A lot of psychology was involved to make this an emotional affair. CM Punk is a world champion in 2022. What a journey he has been on. It will be interesting to see how this affects Page. 

Grade: A

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