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Shaquille O’Neal is a massive 325-lbs giant and is one of the best ever to grace the basketball court. The NBA Hall of Famer O’Neal has not only marked his supremacy on the basketball court but also inside the squared circle. However, the enormous NBA legend was once left in the dust by a top WWE superstar in 2021. 


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Shaquille O’Neal and Jade Cargill wrestled Red Velvet and ‘The American Nightmare’ Cody Rhodes in AEW. The Big Shamrock and The American Nightmare built this animosity in the two months before their clash on the March 3rd, 2021, episode of AEW Dynamite.


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Even though Shaq had the upper and enormous hand in this match, the NBA legend did not see what Cody Rhodes had prepared for him.

The unbelievable stunt pulled by Cody Rhodes on Shaquille O’Neal!

Shaq’s tag team partner, Jade Cargill, arranged a wooden table alongside the ring. This was a mistake by Jade Cargill because Shaq found himself in an awkward spot at the hands of Cody Rhodes. The major highlight of this iconic clash between NBA and WWE stars came at the near end of the match.

Jade Cargill executed a spine buster to Red Velvet and attempted a pinfall on her. But then entered The American Nightmare inside the ring to save his partner Red Velvet. The Big Shamrock was disappointed with Rhodes’ action, and he attempted a big swing to the face of Cody Rhodes. Although, Cody Rhodes ducked Shaq’s massive swing and blindsided him.

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In addition, Shaquille O’Neal was positioned precisely where Cody Rhodes wanted. Rhodes took a running towards The Big Shamrock and, with all his strength, jumped across the heart of Shaq. This was an amazing display of wrestling skills by Cody Rhodes as he put Shaq through a colossal drop on the table.

The American Nightmare embarrassed Shaq twice throughout the match!

NBA icon Shaquille O’Neal had an impressive start in the first half of the match. But The American Nightmare outlasted Shaq’s massive physique. The Big Shamrock entered the squared circle and showed off his huge muscles to Rhodes.

During this match, Shaq delivered a big-time powerbomb to Cody Rhodes. When Shaq slam-dunked Cody Rhodes, the way he used to slam-dunk the ball through the basket, it indeed hyped the basketball fans.

When we look at Shaq standing opposite Cody Rhodes, it’s an intimidating sight. But Cody Rhodes busted the feared size of Shaquille O’Neal.


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The American Nightmare short-lived Shaq’s celebration and retaliated with a successful scoop slam on the 7ft monster. No one ever imagined seeing Cody Rhodes lifting the 325-lbs giant and body slam him on the springboard.


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The NBA icon Shaq was in immense pain after Rhodes put him through the furniture. But in the absence of Shaq, Cargill capped off the victory for the NBA Hall of Famer and herself. Even if Shaquille O’Neal and Jade Cargill may have won this contest, Cody Rhodes stole the thunder of the match by doing the imaginable.

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