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PEORIA (WEEK) - The Bradley Braves put down the bats and gloves and picked up hair trimmers Sunday afternoon to show support for the Vs. Cancer Foundation.

“It’s for a good cause, getting to see all the kids smiles getting to watch the video of us doing it,” Jackson Chatterton, Bradley sophomore infielder and Dunlap grad, said. “It’s really awesome.”

Shaving heads has become a tradition for the Braves dating back years.

“It started about 6-7 years ago with the group that we had then and we actually had a young man that was battling a brain tumor, cancer and really hit home and the guys got involved in the organization Vs. Cancer,” Elvis Dominguez, Bradley head coach, said.

Ever since then, supporting the fight to end pediatric cancer has become important to the Braves.

“We raise money all year,” said Chatterton. “At the end of the day, we just do it for the kids. It just really puts a smile on their face getting to see guys that don’t have to lose their hair, losing it.”

“We know that it makes the kids in the hospital feel a lot better knowing that we’re with them and we don’t have any hair either,” Ryan Vogel, Bradley sophomore outfielder and Metamora grad, said.

“They just take it to heart,” Dominguez said. “It means a lot to them.”

When the hair falls it’s for a good cause, but it’s also in good fun for the team.

“It’s not really a big deal,” Chatterton said. “Just throw a hat on, it’s not a huge deal it’s kind of fun to poke at some of the guys who have funny shaped heads or weird hairlines.”

“I was nervous last year that’s for sure but knowing that everyone’s with you too and sometimes you find a new hairstyle too when it’s growing back,” Vogel said.

Bradley is currently the top fundraising team in the country for the Vs. Cancer Foundation, raising more than $25,000 this year to fund pediatric brain tumor research and child life programs at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois.

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