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AEW is ready to host new talents

In recent weeks, WWE has once again passed its ax of layoffs on the roster, this time targeting the executive part of NXT and going to eliminate many elements of the personal team linked to Triple H, with all the right arms of the COO of the company that jumped off like skittles in front of a running bowling ball.

Among the many sacked overnight, there were also very important names such as that of Samoa Joe or William Regal, with many other insiders who have met the same fate, including Road Dogg Jesse James, who had been hit between the other, even from an illness a few months ago.

In his latest interview, his longtime WWE partner Billy Gunn, with whom Road Dogg formed the New Age Outlaws, wanted to talk about the possibility of also seeing Road Dogg in the AEW rings in the not too distant future, although his colleague has not struggled for a long time and does not want to.

In his speech to Nick Hausman's microphones for Wresting Inc Daily, Billy Gunn also wanted to answer numerous questions about his partner.

AEW never stops

Obviously, the most important one was: "Will you ever go back to fighting together in a ring?" To this, Gunn replied: "I would like it a lot and I think Road Dogg would be happy too.

But, he doesn't want to do anything related to active wrestling anymore. I think he's terrific at doing promos and working as a producer and stuff like that because he's really very good at it. He is probably one of the best experts in the world in this field and in everything related to the backstage.

Yes, it would be fun to still be special attractions, like the lion being discovered." After years of being together on the road and in the WWF/E rings, now it may be time for Gunn and Road Dogg to hit the rings of another company, although Jesse James, unlike Billy Gunn, has long ago decided to give us a break with wrestling, preferring to mentor those who still have the physique to make a difference in the WWE rings or on those of the AEW.

Back on an episode of WWE RAW in February 2017, Kevin Owens held a "Festival of Friendship" for Jericho. It was arguably one of the most entertaining segments in the history of the red brand. The Festival of Friendship ended when Owens gave Jericho a new List.

But it wasn't a List of Jericho; it was the List of KO. Owens then proceeded to take out Jericho, which led to a match between the two men later that year at WrestleMania.

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