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Francesco Caputo, Sampdoria striker, participated in a live on Twitch with DAZN: his statements

Question and Answer Day for Francesco Caputo. The forward of the Sampdoria participated in a live on Twitch with DAZN journalists to tell anecdotes and curiosities about his life. Here are her statements.

BEER – “That’s the first thing they ask me. Then the shirt, the photo … Now it’s my exultation, they remember me for that. The exultation of boxing is a promise for my trainer ».

SAMPDORIA – «From one day to the next I found myself at Sampdoria, the negotiation took place in the last days of the transfer market. I came from a different world, I gradually entered a new team. I came here for the fans and the square, Sampdoria represents an important stage. I am delighted with my choice. Now things are going well, we have gathered together and we saw the match on Sunday ».

FAMILY – «It was difficult to move my whole family here, I also suffered this. When you have a family behind you, the responsibility is great. We settled down, the kids seem to have been here for years. My eldest daughter tells me not to change teams anymore, I replied that I have a three-year contract. I also hope not to change anymore ».

BARI – «I am linked to Bari, everyone knows that. It was a bad situation to remember, I don’t even wish it on my worst enemy. In that period, thanks to the old presidency of Matarrese, the truth came out and I was acquitted. It was the most important victory of my career after years of anguish. I went back to play, even in the national team ».

NATIONAL – «I am thinking of giving my best on the pitch, now I want to find continuity in performances and goals. This is the only way I can think of the national team, I look to the present “.

GIOVINCO – “I’m happy. He has immense experience and qualities, it will be nice to play with him. He has been coming abroad for years and has to give us a hand from every point of view. Rejoicing? We will try to celebrate in a different way ».

15 GOAL – «My goal is to reach 15. I want to drag Sampdoria towards safety, I hope to increase my tally. The negative moment has passed. The penalties? On Sunday I should have beaten him, then Candreva asked me to be allowed to kick. I am not a person tied to these things, I was calm. I’ll throw the next ones ».

GOAL AT MILAN – «I don’t have a magic wand, I always try to give my best and score goals. It’s my job. “

GOAL IN THE DERBY – “It was fantastic, creepy. It was my first derby, plus we won it. When I scored I didn’t understand anything anymore, it was a difficult situation to describe. From goosebumps “.

STRANGER COMPANION – “Candreva, it’s really special. Starting with the hair he has, we attach him every day. But nothing, it’s stronger than him. He is convinced he has beautiful hair “.

FIRST IMAGE OF SAMPDORIA – «The first to welcome me was Quagliarella, it is the symbol of this company. He was beautiful, I have always admired him as a type of playing. Training with him was a desire “.

QUAGLIARELLA – “He has the age and experience to handle these moments. He recently she has had a physical problem, now she is returning and as soon as he is back in shape, he will give us a great hand “.

CANDREVA – “He always has a criticism for everyone, but he’s a golden boy and a second later he forgets everything.”

MEANS – “It is very loaded. I know Stefano from the national team, he has always been a very high quality player in Italy and Europe. Unfortunately, he has had many physical problems, perhaps in his best moment. He came here with humility to get back in the game, he’s giving us a great year. He just has to continue like this. “

CAGES – «When we got the news of the injury, the whole locker room was sorry. Manolo is a very important player and a person who cannot be described, only by living him can you understand him. It was a bad blow to lose a player to such a serious injury. Unfortunately these things happen, we must be good at making him feel our affection and support him in this difficult period. He is ready to return, I have no doubt that he will come back stronger than before “.

YOSHIDA – “He’s very nice, but it’s not easy for him to speak Italian.”

FUTURE – «If there is the possibility, I will stay in the world of football. But now I just want to keep playing ».

SCUDETTO – «Inter wins, they are the strongest and most complete team ever. But watch out for Juventus, which strengthened in January. He can return to the top of Serie A ».

STRONGER DEFENDER – “Chiellini. With him you understand what it means to play for Juventus: he never lets you breathe, he takes everything away from you ».

STRONGEST FORWARD – “Vlahovic. He is young and doing very well, but he exalts the desire to be a protagonist. He has everything to become one of the best in the world “.

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