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Information on Jeff Hardy’s WWE Release

Jeff Hardy used to be part of one of the most successful WWE tag teams of all time, and we have some information about his WWE release. Jeff Hardy was competing as a solo wrestler in the WWE since Matt Hardy joined AEW. Before that, Matt and Jeff formed the Hardy Boyz and won a few tag team titles before they split.

Matt Hardy is now a full-time AEW wrestler. According to reports, Jeff was released shortly after a house show in which he reportedly wasn’t feeling right. This occurred during last week’s live event in Edinburgh.

Jeff failed to complete the match that he was in during that event. According to come reports, Jeff will have to serve is a non-compete clause. He won’t be able to join another promotion until March 2022.

Jeff Hardy Was Released After Not Performing Well at a Live Event

Jeff was released after he refused to take help from the WWE for rehab.

We do not really know what went wrong during the event, but we know that Jeff was involved in drugs throughout his career. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Jeff knew that the WWE would take action if he refused to take help.

Even though the WWE could have suspended him, they eventually decided to let him go altogether. He will become a free agent at the end of the 9th of March. He can then work with whichever promotion that he wants. However, we doubt that not many promotions in the world would want to hire Jeff Hardy, as they might worry about his health and his well-being.

Jeff can also injure another wrestler if he wrestler under influence. So far, Jeff Hardy has not commented on his release, but his wife Beth spoke about it on Twitter. She stated that he is fine. Although Matt Hardy works at AEW and there is a chance that we might see Jeff sign with AEW, Tony Khan might not want to take that risk.

AEW has already been criticized for putting their wrestlers at risk during some spots and Jeff is known for wrestling matches while being under the influence of drugs. His most famous incident was during Victory Road at TNA when he was going to wrestle legendary wrestler Sting for the TNA world title at the time.

Sting had to squash Jeff Hardy during the event’s main event as Sting could not afford to get himself or Jeff injured.

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