Former WWE Star Johnny Gargano Wants Match With AEW Star - The Bharat Express News

During his recent Twitch stream, Johnny Gargano was asked if he had watched the world title during the AEW Dynamite game between “Hangman” champion Adam Page and Bryan Danielson.

Gargano replied: “I did [watch the match]. It was fantastic. They are both incredibly talented. I wrestled with Bryan twice at the indies both times for AIW in Cleveland. I have said over and over again that he is the best wrestler in the world. I know I’m saying a lot of people are wrestlers in the world. I truly believe Bryan is the best wrestler in the world. For my personal opinion just because i have been in the ring with him so i know from experience but i dont know how to explain it or say why he is the best wrestler in the world. You just gotta be in there with him and you just know, you just know. Bryan is the best. It’s a shame we never got a chance to do this – we haven’t gotten tangled up in the past couple of years, but hopefully at some point it can happen.

It’s interesting because Danielson has a 3-year contract meaning that if the game were to take place in the near future, Gargano would have to sign with AEW. It has already been reported that Gargano was torn over what to do. WWE wants to keep him and the schedule is straightforward since he would be home every night if he stayed with NXT. AEW’s schedule isn’t bad either as wrestlers are on the road a few days a week for Dynamite.

You can hear Gargano’s comments on Danielson in the video below.

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