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The Young Bucks have teased retirement at an early age and noted in the past they wouldn't hang on as in-ring competitors longer than they felt was needed, but they aren't going anywhere for the next two years. That is, at least not if their bio on social media is to be believed. The AEW tag team has noted their current contracts have been extended.

Often using their bio to share opinions or news related to their careers, it's always worth keeping an eye on their Twitter page as you never know what's going to pop up. This week, the Young Bucks posted: "Contract officially rolled over for 2 more years. Gave ourselves a nice raise. We deserve it. Maybe we should win tag titles again too tbh? lmAo"

Young Bucks contract AEW

One of the hottest tag teams in the past few years, The Young Bucks were founding members of the AEW roster when the promotion popped up just over two years ago and they've been an integral part of the company's success since its launch. Tagged as Executive Vice Presidents, it's not clear how much they're still involved in that role behind the scenes, but they are a big part of the current television product as members of The Elite and former AEW Tag Team Champions.

There was talk years ago that WWE might have been interested but that The Young Bucks weren't terribly interested in WWE, even though they did contemplate a move. That their current AEW contracts are rolling over means no other promotion will be part of their future for a while.

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Will They Be Tag Champions Again?

Unlike WWE, which has a much weaker tag division than AEW, The Young Bucks will have to compete with the likes of FTR, Jurassic Express, The Acclaimed, and the current tag team champion Lucha Brothers if they want to win the titles back. They might even have to go up against a team like Adam Cole and Bobby Fish as it looks like AEW is teasing friction between the members of The Elite.

They've got two more years to get back on top. What happens after those two years is anyone's guess as the Young Bucks can be fairly unpredictable.

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