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Bray Wyatt was suddenly released from the WWE on July 31, 2021, ending his 12-year tenure with the company after being off TV for months. Various reports about why Wyatt was let go have popped up ever since, ranging from budget cuts (the reason that's been given for most of WWE's releases this year) to disagreements about WWE's creative process. Sean Ross Sapp dropped a new report on Fightful Select on Tuesday that gave a few more details about the situation. 

Sapp began by writing that Wyatt, Randy Orton and others backstage were not happy with how their monthslong angle culminated at WrestleMania 37. Their match, which saw Wyatt revert back to his classic Fiend look after his body had been burned alive at TLC the year prior, ended with Alexa Bliss debuting her own demonic character (which still hasn't reappeared since) and distracting Wyatt long enough for Orton to hit a single RKO and pick up a quick pinfall victory. On top of frustration with the booking, Wyatt reportedly spoke out about the burned version of The Fiend's suit being too heavy and cumbersome to wrestle in.

Sapp then wrote that Wyatt pushing back against certain creative ideas caused a rift between himself and Vince McMahon

"There were numerous people backstage who said that Wyatt was outspoken when he thought creative was bad, and by the end, some felt Vince McMahon just didn't like him due to that," Sapp wrote. He concluded by writing the consensus within the company is that Wyatt's departure was not for the aforementioned budget cuts, as he was one of the company's biggest merchandise sellers. 

The 90-day "No Compete" clause in Wyatt's contract expired last week, and he has since changed his online name to his real first name, Windham. The former WWE Champion has mostly kept quiet on social media beyond the occasional tease, consistently indicating that he'll still be in the wrestling business going forward. 


Where do you think Wyatt ends up next? Is there any chance he'd ever go back to the WWE? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments! 

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