Mark Henry Reveals Backstage Details Regarding Recent CM Punk Vs. MJF Promo Segment

Mark Henry has nothing but praise for the opening segment of the November 24 edition of AEW Dynamite, which featured CM Punk and MJF exchanging words during a battle of wits for close to 20 minutes. In fact, Henry thinks it was one of the greatest promo segments of all time.

There will never be another promo like that one,” Henry said during a recent chat with his fellow Busted Open Radio hosts. “That was a special moment that we’ll never see again. Our kids may see one, but that was one of the most special wrestling moments in history," the WWE Hall Of Famer added.

Mark Henry

Henry mentioned some of the greatest promo cutters in the history of the business and said the Punk/MJF segment was so special because it was a back and forth between two of the best promo cutters in the business today.

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"I say that because as a kid, I’ve seen some great promo artists, Roddy Piper, Ted DiBiase, The Rock, and you can go into hundreds of guys that we thought were pretty good on the stick, but never has there been two guys at the same damn time have a battle of wits that will equal, that touched on things that were so real, that we will likely not have those type of moments again,” he said.

MJF and CM Punk

The AEW talent scout's praise continued, and he also divulged some information regarding the general vibe backstage while the segment was happening. Henry said that Punk and MJF's locker room colleagues were "popping" and added saif that "If you’re popping wrestlers, you’ve done something in your life."

Henry said that he had to go out into the arena to feel the energy radiating off the Chicago crowd." It was arguably the best verbal jousting that I’ve ever seen," he proclaimed.

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