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AEW may be thriving and growing now, but it wasn't always that way and according to Chris Jericho, it certainly wasn't the can't-miss destination for wrestlers like some might argue it is now. Noting that a number of talents were scared to make the leap from WWE to AEW, he and a handful of others have to first pave the way and prove it was a viable and financially smart alternative.

Jericho spoke on a recent edition of his Talk is Jericho podcast about how much AEW has grown since its inception just over two years ago. Noting that he had to sell Jon Moxley, FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler), Matt Hardy, and the late Brodie Lee about coming over and making the jump from WWE, AEW has now become a destination spot for a number of big-name stars.

Jericho noted, "I love all of the guys that have come in lately. CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole, all these guys." He said, however, "We’re the ones though who made it safe for those guys to come here." Jericho told a story about getting on the phone with Moxley and Hardy and others and saying all of them noted they weren't sure if it was the right decision to make in their careers. He said, ‘Guys, I’m telling ya, just take the step. I’m telling you that you’ve got wings. All you gotta do is take the step off the building and you take that scary step and you suddenly shoot up.’

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He noted that once those guys made the move successfully, everyone else got the confidence to do the same. Jericho noted, "We don’t have to convince anybody anymore because now it’s the safe place and the cool place to come."

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AEW Is No Longer A Gamble

Jericho said he was risking what was left of his North American wrestling career by signing with AEW and because it was a gamble he's helped prove was a smart one, guys like CM Punk felt confident after watching how things played themselves out. He noted he's proud that this will be part of his legacy and that without Jericho making the switch, AEW doesn't have the roster they have today.

Furthermore, if he, Hardy, FTR and Brodie Lee didn't make the jump, there'd probably be no Punk, Danielson or Cole in AEW.

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