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The association on a war footing, filed today exposed to AgCom and Antitrust

 Dazn, Codacons: & quot; Ready to protest and unsubscribe campaign & quot;

“If Dazn really opts for a unilateral modification of the subscription conditions, we will start protest initiatives throughout Italy, and we will evaluate the possibility of a collective campaign to cancel the subscriptions by the fans, due to breach by the company”. To announce it to Adnkronos & egrave; the president of Codacons Carlo Rienzi, who in the aftermath of the disclosure – not yet officially confirmed – that Dazn intends to unilaterally modify the contract conditions signed with users by blocking the possibility; of the 'dual user', & egrave; on a war footing.

“We presented today the complaint to Agcom and Antitrust aimed at requesting the opening of an investigation against Dazn – says Rienzi – to ascertain whether any stop to multi-purpose subscriptions could violate the contractual rules and the Consumer Code, with consequent infringement of consumers' rights “. If the indiscretion published yesterday in the press is confirmed, writes the Codacons in the complaint Adnkronos has seen, the behavior put in place by the platform “would suggest how the broadcaster has put in place an unfair commercial practice against numerous users/users possessing the subscription, going so far as to unilaterally modify the upstream contract signed, precisely by reason of that clause that appeared to be & ndash; in the opinion of the users & ndash; economically advantageous and that could allow a division of the monthly payment fee or with a family member or friend “.

Such conduct “would be detrimental to the rights and interests of users/consumers, resulting in a real unfair commercial practice where this is to be understood as any action, omission, conduct, declaration or commercial communication, therein including advertising disseminated by any means (including direct marketing and product packaging) and marketing, which a professional carries out in relation to the promotion, sale or supply of goods or services to consumers (articles 21 & ndash; 23 of the Consumer Code) “, writes the association.

Codacons therefore asks to “initiate careful monitoring of the streaming broadcaster Dazn, ensuring that it does not unilaterally modify the contractual conditions, thus arriving, thus, for the ; effect of blocking access to contents simultaneously from two devices to the detriment of all users/users of the service who have signed this type of contact precisely on the basis of this condition “.

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