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CM Punk during his infamous pipebomb moment (Twitter)

Get help, ask for help, says CM Punk in solidarity with Jon Moxley in a heartwarming message to the wrestler

CM Punk famous for some of the most memorable promos in Wrestling history including the ‘breaking the fourth wall’ promo in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has done it again, this time on a different stage and in a completely different mood. CM Punk had a heartwarming message for fellow wrestler Jon Moxley, who has enrolled himself in an inpatient alcohol treatment program. On the Dynamite show of All Elite Wrestling, CM Punk had a powerful promo talking about the difficulty a wrestler has to go through and the importance of getting help at the right time.

He asked the crowd to cheer for Moxley, and said that he will spend all his time out here listening to the audience chant for Jon right then because it is important. He shared that he got to know about the situation in the car riding to the venue.

He clarified he was not a great buddy of Jon Moxley, formerly known as Dean Ambrose on WWE, but he knew the pain and pressure one goes through in professional wrestling and hence, felt connected to the trying times.

The wrestler opened about knowing what it was like to keep going constantly and the expectation to always be tough, and better than everyone else. He added that wrestlers have to wrap up injuries, be sick and show up to work. He talked about how all these things culminate into a saturation point where a wrestler has to halt. He expressed how he was also criticized for it and does not want the same for Moxley because he is extremely proud of the performer.

Punk further talked about the importance of asking for help in testing times. Addressing the live audience, he said that if anybody here or anybody at home watching television is in a place of bother where they feel they need help, they should get it.

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