Chris Eubank Jr makes promise to embarrass Liam Williams | DAZN News US

The middleweight rivals meet on December 11th.

Chris Eubank Jr was in a threatening mood when he came face to face with Liam Williams for the first time at their first pre-fight press conference.

The middleweight rivals meet on December 11th in a superb battle that has been brewing for some time. 

With the victor set to push on and challenge for world title honours at 160lbs, a lot is on the line in this domestic grudge match. Both fighters are on record demanding the fight and they’ll finally settle their differences next month. Eubank Jr, the favourite to emerge victorious, had some words of warning for the Welshman.  

"Respect is definitely not a word I would use for my feelings towards Liam," said Eubank Jr. 

"He has said a lot of reckless things online. It doesn't sit well with me. This is a grudge match, a genuine domestic rivalry. It is personal. He has made it personal. He has come here today and tried to talk about respect? It has gone too far past that now. He will pay for what he has said. He will get embarrassed." 

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