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Charlotte Flair is arguably the greatest female superstar of all time, and though that is a big statement to make given that she is still an active wrestler, with many years still to go, her résumé speaks for itself, and she has helped revolutionize women’s wrestling. AEW is on its way to revolutionizing the entire industry, and there has been some talk of the possibility of Flair making the switch after a litany of controversies in WWE, but is that a good idea?

Charlotte Flair Is One Of WWE’s Biggest Assets

If Charlotte Flair was to make the jump to AEW, it would rock the wrestling world to its core. Whilst other big names have signed for AEW, including the likes of Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, and Adam Cole, Flair would be a different sort of signing. When looking at AEW’s roster, they would have managed to maintain their momentum without signing those top names with their men’s division, but a name like Flair would be massive for their women’s division, perhaps making her more important of a signing relative to the other divisions in AEW.

Charlotte Flair Entrance

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It would be more noteworthy due to her currently being the number one name in WWE’s women’s division, so it would be just as a much of a loss for WWE as a gain for AEW. Despite still having superstars such as Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, Flair could perhaps be seen as the pillar that holds everyone else up. She has won a huge number of titles during her time with WWE, making her one of the most decorated superstars in the company full stop, so she carries a big legacy and holds a significant amount of importance when it comes to the lineage of WWE’s Women’s Championships.

Backstage Heat Has Led To Speculation Of An AEW Move For Flair

When Andrade El Idolo left WWE after months of unhappiness with his booking, with an evident misuse of the talented individual, he made the move to AEW. Though his debut appearance was awkward and underwhelming, he has found his feet. He may not be at the level that many expected yet, but he is presented as a star and has been well protected so far, likely to climb up the card soon.

Andrade El Idolo

With Andrade’s relationship with Flair being common knowledge, some pondered over whether he could be joined by her at some point. After all, Flair has accompanied Andrade to appearances in AAA, and rightfully so, given their relationship. However, within the wrestling world, especially surrounding WWE, there is still a strange stigma around people in rival promotions interacting. Any time they are seen together on social media, especially recently, rumors stir up. Andrade's recent outburst on social media regarding WWE also flared up speculation.

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In recent months, backstage disturbances has come to light when it comes to Flair. Flair, like many others, has been unhappy with WWE’s booking of their women’s division. To make matters worse, WWE made the decision to swap Raw and Smackdown’s two champions during the latest draft, leading to a championship exchange, which both Lynch and Flair were unhappy with, due to the procedure likely to dampen their reigns. The segment was a disaster, with a falling out being Flair and Lynch leading to an awkward interaction, which has now been wiped from footage by WWE.

Charlotte Flair Becky Lynch Title Exchange Swap

Vince McMahon was allegedly unhappy with Flair’s attitude during the exchange, and when she came through the curtain, which has led to many assuming that Flair’s WWE career could be on the ropes. As well, who could forget her tremendously awful and weird exchange with Nia Jax back in September?

AEW May Be The Wrong Place For Charlotte Flair

However, an AEW move would be risky, and is perhaps not the right choice at all. This is due to AEW’s lack of time for their women’s division. It has improved, but it’s nowhere near where it should be, and Flair coming in wouldn’t just fix that. There is every chance that she gets lost in the shuffle, similar to how new signee Ruby Soho is already on the verge of doing.

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Flair is a star, and AEW would have to treat her as such, but a push to the top could see unhappiness within the rest of the roster, who have worked so hard to be featured on television. WWE is a much safer place, despite their questionable and poor booking of women’s wrestling in the past. Flair has main evented PPVs, is a consistent main eventer on Raw and Smackdown, and is protected like a star, so a move away from all of that could be a career-ender.

Charlotte Flair & Andrade Almas

On the WWE side, letting her go would also be a mistake, regardless of backstage politics and heat. Her name-value carries a lot of weight, and she would no doubt bring eyes and fans to AEW. Though it could cause those aforementioned problems in AEW, it could even be a move that prompts them into featuring women a lot more than just one match per show. It’s a huge risk on both sides of the coin, and perhaps not a risk worth pursuing.

Editor's note: This article was written prior to the news that Andrade has unfollowed Charlotte Flair on Instagram and Twitter and has also deleted their most recent photos together. This is definitely an interesting wrinkle in this story and if it is evidence of a possible break-up, it would make Charlotte's arrival in AEW all the more unlikely.

andrade and charlotte flair
Andrade Has Unfollowed Charlotte Flair On Social Media

The Queen has also unfollowed Andrade, but only on Instagram

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