Chaos Dazn: the stop to dual users is concrete and Serie A cannot oppose it. Here's what changes

Dazn wants to change the way its subscribers use the current service. The concessionaire of the TV rights of the Serie A, until now and probably also for the next few weeks, granted the possibility to its users to be able to see the same event simultaneously on two devices as long as the user “user and password” was the same. However, the leaders of the OTT society have in mind a radical revolution that will eliminate the simultaneous vision of the same event on multiple devices, whatever they may be.

CHANGE ON THE SITE – It is not a turning point that has already been approved, but an idea that Dazn has had for some time and which, in fact, is partly heralded by the change of wording that appeared on its website in recent days. Instead of With a single subscription, Dazn doubles itself: you can watch two contents – the same or different – at the same time in the “subscription” section remains the words: “The subscription entitles you to use the DAZN Service on up to two (2) devices at the same time“. In fact, the wording “same or different” disappears, which is what would allow two people to see a live event such as a Serie A match at the same time.

SERIE A CAN NOT DO ANYTHING – A choice that is triggering the controversy of subscribers with threats of cancellations and protests launched above all by those family groups who share the same account. However, Dazn’s move is aimed at targeting not these situations, but the actual trading of sub-users that is already happening in the piracy market. Furthermore, according to what has been learned from, the Lega Serie A will not currently express itself on the matter as it cannot materially oppose to a decision taken by a company that is the licensee of the TV rights on the methods of retransmission of the same, always provided that these are then distributed regularly and without viewing problems.

WHAT CHANGES – But what could actually change for a Dazn subscriber? If the change goes through, access to the application swill still be allowed on two devices at the same time, but viewing of the same event at the same time will not be allowed. In practice (we will use fictitious names) Gigi on the sofa is watching Inter-Juventus on TV, Maria in the room will not be able to see Inter-Juventus from her tablet. However, Maria will be able to watch Como-Brescia or any other event present in the bouquet of the offer.

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