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Canelo becomes undisputed super-middleweight champion

Canelo def. Plant via TKO at 1:05 of the eleventh round to become the undisputed super-middleweight champion. 

The beginning of the end started with a flush right hand from Canelo. He followed it up with three-punch combination to the body. Those blows took an effect on Plant as he looked hurt and that's all Canelo needed to see.

A left hook wobbled Plant and then a violent right and left uppercut sent Plant to the canvas. Plant walked it off and appeared to be ok. Not for long. Canelo smelled blood. He missed a left hook. But he didn't miss with a straight right followed by a left, and a straight right to the body sent Plant down one last time and we have the first-ever undisputed super-middleweight champion in the four-belt era.


Canelo-Plant; Round 10

A three-punch combination from Canelo. A hard right to Plant's side. Another right by Canelo. A stinging left hook by Canelo. A left hook upstairs and a right to the body from Canelo. Plant finds a left to the body but Canelo comes right back with one of his own. (10-9 Canelo, 98-92 Canelo)

Canelo-Plant; Round 9

A left hook lands for Canelo. Plant misses a combination. A right to the body from Canelo. A short right uppercut lands for Canelo. Another hard left hook for Canelo. A right cross from Plant. He needs more of those. A good jab by Plant. A left and right finds Plant's chin. A left to the body and Plant blasts a left of his own. (10-9 Canelo, 88-83 Canelo)

Canelo-Plant; Round 8

Plant starts with a jab. A triple left hook by Canelo. Wow. 

Another left hook upstairs. A hard jab from Plant. He needs more than that because Canelo isn't respecting it whatsoever. A right and a left from Canelo. Both guys miss left hooks. A digging left hook to the body by Canelo. Plant needs to find another game plan because the one he's using isn't working. (10-9 Canelo, 78-74 Canelo)

Canelo-Plant; Round 7

Canelo was standing in between rounds while Plant was sitting on his stool. Something to keep an eye on. 

For some reason, Plant is going back to the jab. A left by Canelo and the crowd roars with approval. Canelo barely misses a right. But he finds a home with the patented left. A right hook for Plant. Canelo is against the ropes daring Plant to hit him and the IBF champion is feinting and not doing anything. A right and a left for Canelo at the bell. (10-9 Canelo, 68-65 Canelo)

Canelo-Plant; Round 6

A combination to begin the sixth from Plant. A double left from Canelo. A digging left to the chest by Alvarexz. The turtle shell isn't working for Plant. An uppercut and left lands for Canelo. A straight for Canelo and the crowd is on their feet. A stinging left hook to the head by Canelo. He's getting into a rhythm. Another left hook finds the mark. Plant misses a left. Canelo walk towards Plant to let him know he's in trouble. (10-9 Canelo, 58-56 Canelo)

Canelo-Plant; Round 5

Plant trying to change it up with hooks. But he's hitting gloves and Canelo lands a left. Plant fires off a flush left hook, his best punch of the fight. A left to the body from Canelo. Plant starting to tire a little bit here. (10-9 Plant, 48-47 Canelo)

Canelo-Plant; Round 4

A stinging jab from Canelo. Plant is riding the bicycle and Canelo catches with a huge right and left. A left to the body from Canelo. The crowd is feeling it. A short right cross by Canelo. An overhand right from Canelo while Plant misses one of his one. A left to the body. A jab from Plant and Canelo fires off a left hook. Great round from Canelo. (10-9 Canelo, 39-37 Canelo)

Canelo-Plant; Round 3

A left jab gets through Canelo's guard. Canelo misses a right. A right and then a left to the body from Canelo. A straight right narrowly misses from Canelo. A left connects upstairs from Canelo. A left hook catches Plant's attention. Another right and left to the body by Canelo. Plant needs to mix it up. A digging left to the body from Canelo. (10-9 Canelo, 29-28 Canelo)

Canelo-Plant; Round 2

Plant finding a home with that left jab. Alvarez lunges and misses a left. A left to the body lands for Alvarez. A nice left uppercut up the middle from Plant. A left hook upstairs lands for Alvarez. Two straight jabs by Plant but Alvarez comes with two lefts to the body. A left to the body form Plant. A left hook connects for Alvarez. A left to the body, a right hand another left to the body from Alvarez. He's walking through Plant's jab. (10-9 Canelo, 19-19)

Canelo-Plant; Round 1

Loud "Canelo" chants right off the bat. Plant working the jab early on while Alvarez is processing the information. Alvarez stalking Plant and lands a left. An overhand right misses from Alvarez. Another left jab from Plant. A left to the body from Alvarez. (10-9 Plant)

Here comes Canelo

The WBA (super), WBC and WBO super-middleweight champion makes his way into the arena to a thunderous reaction.

Here comes Caleb Plant

The IBF super-middleweight champion is getting greeted with chants of chicken in Spanish. 

Time for Canelo vs. Plant

It is time for the main event as Canelo Alvarez (56-1-2, 38 KOs) and Caleb Plant (21-0, 12 KOs) lock horns for the undisputed super-middleweight championship. It doesn't get any bigger than this. Here we go. 

Crowd getting lively

They show Plant on the video boards and he's showered with boos. Canelo is shown and the crowd erupts in unison.

It's almost time for Canelo vs. Plant. 

Anthony Dirrell scores vicious KO over Marcos Hernandez

Dirrell def. Hernandez via knockout at 0:22 of the fourth round.

After a lackluster opening three rounds, Dirrell woke the crowd up. They were standing in the middle of the ring when Dirrell wound up and blasted a right uppercut for the ages to send Hernandez to the canvas. Hernandez made it up but was on very wobble legs. That was all the referee needed to see and waved it off. 

A backflip for good measure from Dirrell as he gets a much-needed win. 

Co-main event

It's time for the co-main event as Anthony Dirrell (33-2-2, 24 KOs) meets Marcos Hernandez (15-4-2, 3 KOs) in super-middleweight action.

Dirrell, a former WBC super-middleweight champion, is coming off a stoppage loss to David Benavidez and a draw with Kyrone Davis in his last two fights.

Hernandez is designed to be a punching bag to get Dirrell back on track. Let's see what happens. 

Rey Vargas cruises to decision win

Vargas def. Baez via unanimous decision (100-90, 100-90, 99-91).

It was all Vargas. He could have ended the fight at any time. It's understandable that he wanted to get rounds in the bank since he fought for the first time since July 2019. 

Baez showing a ton of heart

Vargas is up by a wide margin through seven but that hasn't stopped Baez from marching forward and giving it everything he has. Vargas needs to be careful. A desperate fighter is when they are at their most dangerous.

Rey Vargas in control

Through four rounds, and it's all Rey Vargas. He's popping the jab with ease, showing excellent footwork in slipping in and out of shots and working the body well. Baez' left eye is cut and bloody. Shouldn't last too much longer. 

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