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The number of Italian subscribers a DAZN has grown up to over 2 million this year, after the streaming platform was awarded i TV rights of the football championship A league for three seasons, starting from 2021/22. These 2 million users, however, from next year may have to change the way they watch the games and other content broadcast: DAZN, in fact, could change the number of devices that can be used at the same time.

The news was anticipated by The sun 24 hours and sparked many discontent: the associations for the protection of consumer rights are on a war footing and the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti he even summoned the company’s top management to confirm or deny the rumors circulated in the press. Eventually DAZN had to release a official press release, with which it clarifies the maximum number of devices that can be used simultaneously on the platform. The official note reassures users for the 2021/22 football season, but from next year there may be changes.

DAZN: how many devices at the same time

The DAZN terms of service, accepted by 2 million subscribed users, provide that it is possible to associate with the same subscription up to 6 different devices between smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs and computers.

The maximum number of devices that can connect to DAZN at the same timeinstead, it is 2: therefore with the same subscription you can watch the games in streaming from two smartphones, two tablets, two Smart TVs or two types of device verses. The conditions of use of the service, in fact, clearly state that “The user accepts that the login data are unique to him and cannot be shared with others“.

In other words: you can use the same username and password on two devices in the same family, but it is not possible to do the same thing with the neighbor, afterwards divide the cost of the subscription.

DAZN subscription: news coming in 2022

The indiscretion published by The sun 24 hours spoke of DAZN’s intention of change the number maximum number of devices that can be connected to the same subscription, ie the so-called “concurrency“, Reducing it to only one.

This is because the practice of splitting the subscription to access from two devices in different places (and in different families) would already be too widespread. All this, of course, is detrimental to DAZN: every shared subscription And one subscription less for the platform.

The press release released by DAZN states that “no changes will be introduced in the current season“, But does not rule out that it can be introduced starting next season. Tuesday 16th November, in fact, the company will meet the minister Giorgetti and will explain to him “proposals of remodeling and expansion of our offers with the aim of putting consumers at the center“.

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