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CM Punk's debut in AEW was an all-time great wrestling moment, and WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn explained why when he spoke to Sportskeeda Wrestling's Riju Dasgupta.

CM Punk showed up in AEW at the United Center in Chicago during AEW Rampage: The First Dance to a thunderous ovation. The Chicago native was the recipient of a crowd reaction that will go down in history.

Billy Gunn, now a member of the Gunn Club in AEW, explained that the emotion behind CM Punk's return is what made it so special.

"Yeah, I think it was a great moment. I was there in the United Center when he came out and it was like, this is one of the things that I tried, like I literally went out in the arena 'cause I'm from that, I like to experience things like that, like naturally and in person, I don't wanna see it on TV. There was an energy in that building and it took your breath away because it's just like the thing that went viral with the guy that started crying because it's emotional. Like people don't associate emotions with wrestling, but that's that's when you get your best stuff. Like if you're emotionally invested in wrestling, which is hard to do these days, but if you can do that, that's a whole another level and and a lot of these kids don't understand that because they they only saw it on TV, they never got to experience what it's like to walk out, like to, to wrestle with a Stone Cold Steve Austin and the place go absolutely insane, like insane. I've been with them all so I could. I could literally say I've been in the ring with them against them and it's so emotional," Billy Gunn said.

CM Punk's AEW Rampage debut gave Billy Gunn goosebumps

I wish I could go back in time and experience watching this moment live again. Never felt as much happiness watching wrestling as I did on this day.

Everything about CM Punk’s AEW debut was perfect.

I wish I could go back in time and experience watching this moment live again. Never felt as much happiness watching wrestling as I did on this day.Everything about CM Punk’s AEW debut was perfect.

Much like everyone in the arena and everyone watching around the world, CM Punk's AEW debut gave Billy Gunn goosebumps. The former DX member stated that it was an important moment in wrestling and he hoped the younger generation appreciated it.

"So when CM Punk made his debut the place went insane because it's emotional and when things are emotional you get a whole different feeling and I went out there and I... and I got you. So, I mean I got goosebumps now just talking about it because it is so cool to see that people still are that invested in him after seven years and he finally came back and it was a great moment for wrestling and it was something for this younger generation and I hope they just understood the the gravity of what that was," Billy Gunn said.

CM Punk is a one-of-a-kind wrestler and his return is something we might not see again. His return was met with a lot of fanfare and he looks happy in AEW. The Second City Saint is unbeaten in AEW so far, though he will face his biggest test yet at Full Gear when he takes on Eddie Kingston.

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