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 Other consumption: & quot; Up to 87% unhappy Dazn users & quot;

“Slowdowns, poor transmission quality, total blocking of vision. Dazn subscribers have seen quite a few since using the platform.” This was revealed by Altroconsumo, which carried out a survey with Youtrend on the first year of football through the disputed platform. “The discontent with this streaming system was evident from the first months – also thanks to the unpreparedness of Italian citizens for this technology – but it is reaching the highest levels in this period, also given the recent decision to ban the vision. of games on multiple screens. Youtrend, in collaboration with Altroconsumo, therefore carried out a survey to photograph the motivations and degree of dissatisfaction of consumers with the platform and, more generally, in this mode of use. exclusively “.

“What emerges from the survey is a general dissatisfaction of users, due to the continuous malfunctions of the platform, encountered not only by those who have a slow internet network but also by those who claim to have a well-functioning line. Three of these of the latter confirm that they have had at least one disservice. The number rises if you go to interrogate users with a slow internet line, up to 87%. To go against its subscribers, following the numerous malfunctions encountered last September 23 – in which there were interruptions of up to 30 minutes in the matches Turin-Lazio and Sampdoria-Napoli – Dazn activated the refund of a monthly payment, dedicated, however, only to those customers who, in his opinion, were actually in front of the screen during the occurrence of the interruptions that occurred. Among the respondents, 66% did not receive any type of compensation “.

“The poor quality of the Dazn service declared by consumers is linked to several factors. What occurs most frequently is the slowdown in transmission, for almost 3 out of 4 users (from 79% even more than once). Another important problem is the poor image quality, encountered by 2 out of 3 users at least once. In addition, more than 62% of the respondents also experienced a total block of vision. All these problems gave rise to discontent. very strong and heartfelt general. More than half of the interviewees, in fact, declared that he would not renew the subscription next year if the situation did not change, also thanks to the recent decision to allow you to watch the games only from one device “.

“A good 88% of DAZN subscribers interviewed say they are convinced that consumers should be able to watch Serie A not only in streaming but also with satellite or digital terrestrial. The orientation is very clear even among those who have not had technical problems with the DAZN platform (89%), a sign that there is a transversal request among subscribers. More than 8 out of 10, moreover, ask the institutions to intervene concretely to protect them – observes Lorenzo Pregliasco of YouTrend-. The idea of ​​carrying out this survey in collaboration with Altroconsumo arises from the desire to understand if the complaints of recent months about the Dazn service were only 'background noise' on social media or if there was instead an actual and widespread discontent among subscribers. The data allow us to say that the dissatisfaction is real, and that it also concerns the methods of assigning football television rights, given that almost 9 out of 10 users would like to be able to see the Serie A also on other transmission systems such as satellite or digital terrestrial “.

& ldquo; By now & egrave; clear: the Dazn question needs much more reflection; wide and does not only concern the behavior of a single company, which we too strongly ask for is correct and respectful of the commitments made with fans and subscribers. The research we wanted to conduct together with YouTrend shows us some problems of today, but even more; raises important issues for the future of this highly profitable market, in which there are more and more; users to shop, and its 'game' rules. That's why & eacute; a reflection must be started immediately that calls into question the actors who have contributed in various ways and in various phases to determine the situation we have reached. & rdquo; Federico Cavallo, Altroconsumo External Relations Manager, declared. & ldquo; We think first of the Lega Calcio, responsible for the modalities; operational with which you & egrave; the assignment of rights has been carried out and that today it is disregarding disservices and possible damage to consumers (such as, for example, the latest hypothesis of blocking the use of multiple devices) by not taking a clear position and not adequately monitoring 'provision of the service & rdquo ;.

“Secondly, the national legislator – continues Cavallo -: the Melandri law was born in 2008 with a completely different intent, namely to guarantee free competition on the market. The current situation is undoubtedly very far from those intentions. era no one would have ever considered streaming as a transmission tool and, despite the efforts underway, our country is still a country with important competitive gaps and deep digital inequalities that should be filled and not accentuated. to review the regulatory framework to promote the protection of the final consumer, also by strengthening the powers of the authorities and in particular of the Agcom. In general, it is necessary to set new and better conditions to favor the use of quality sports content. will not happen, Altroconsumo is studying new initiatives that will soon be put in place at benefit of consumers. & rdquo; Altroconsumo has also opened a petition to request a reduction in the price of the subscription following the decision to reduce the viewing devices connected to the same account.

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