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Wrestling legend Jim Cornette was very impressed with Miro's performance at AEW Full Gear

Miro and Bryan Danielson faced off at AEW Full Gear in the final of the world title eliminator tournament. Despite losing the match, former TNT Champion Miro put in a stellar performance, just coming up short in the end.

Speaking on Jim Cornette's Drive-Thru, Cornette had a ton of praise for both the match itself and Miro's individual performance:

Miro! Who could have thought this? Where have you been all my life, you big beast? I'm so verklempt over this, so bumfuzzled. They had this guy all along and I know he's been doing this for several weeks now or a few months or whatever, Miro the redeemer, the promos anf the whole nine yards but still, this was a guy that came in, bleach blonde wearing a pink Minnie Mouse t-shirt and loafers.

Jim Cornette didn't like one thing about Miro and Bryan Danielson's match at AEW Full Gear

While Jim Cornette was a big fan of Miro and Bryan Danielson's match at AEW Full Gear, there was one aspect of the match that he wasn't fully satisfied with -- the finish. Cornette felt that while the rest of the match was technically pretty near flawless, the closing segment was a little bit of a letdown as it was sloppy:

The only thing I didn't like about this match was the finish because they go up to the turnbuckle and are fighting and jockeying for position and everything but Danielson hits a DDT off the top, kind of... how do you really do that? It wasn't as smoothly and sharply executed as everything else they had done but boom, he does than and front facelocks Miro and the referee rings the bell because he's out. I know they're telling the story of the bad neck Miro has, the weak neck but all the **** they did that was brilliant and the the sloppiest looking this was the finish. But it was a great match.

Following his win at Full Gear, Bryan Danielson will be the first man to challenge the new AEW World Champion - 'Hangman' Adam Page.

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