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Bryan Danielson is the best wrestler of the modern era, and his presence in AEW is no accident. While CM Punk may have the legions of fans who awaited his return, it could be argued that Danielson occupies a similar spot, if not greater.

His arrival in the company was a surprise to some. The idea that someone who recently main-evented WrestleMania would leave WWE is puzzling. Looking deeper, there is a method to the madness.

Bryan Danielson was a 'yes' man in Vince McMahon's promotion. Now, that's not a shot but rather a true statement that he was the ultimate babyface. But like all good things, they tend to become 'stale' after a while. All his matches in AEW have an edge to it. He's almost a different entity.

Some who witnessed Danielson before his WWE career say that All Elite Wrestling is seeing the return of The American Dragon. A no-nonsense wrestler who brings in the best out of others and gives more than a 100% in the ring.

Tony Khan is not ignorant of history and realizes that this version of Bryan Danielson is someone few will take their eyes off. That's why he has been booked in the World Title Eliminator tournament finals, facing off against Miro, which he will most likely win.

The question is whether he can win the World Title and beat either Hangman Page or Kenny Omega. Here are five reasons why Bryan Danielson should be AEW World Champion.

#5 AEW will benefit from Bryan Danielson's mainstream appeal

The Loyola student section with the Daniel Bryan “YES” chants.

The Loyola student section with the Daniel Bryan “YES” chants. https://t.co/0CFBk5AJnE

There's no question about it. Bryan Danielson made the 'Yes' chant a household thing. It was so simple in its execution that it caught on like wildfire across sports stadiums in the United States of America. Of course, he did admit that Diego Sanchez inspired him, but that's not the point. The chant is synonymous with Danielson and will continue to do so.

All Elite Wrestling stands to benefit from having a wrestler who is quite well known in the mainstream. What better way to do it than by making him the AEW World Champion.

At this point, Danielson is essentially an aggressive face who brings the fight to his opponents irrespective of who they are. In a sense, that's what a fighting champion is, and having a known entity holding the title will elevate the company in the long run.

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