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When Kurt Angle returned to WWE, there was rightfully a lot of excitement about it. And while there were a few great moments, overall it wasn't a particularly good run. His match alongside Ronda Rousey was fantastic, but keeping him out of the ring for so long hurt him.

Angle didn't get to have the matches that fans expected from him, and that was a real shame. His time as Raw General Manager wasn't the best as he didn't seem to be on point with his promos or timing, and overall it led to some of his star power disappearing.

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That should never have been the case, and the fact that his final match wasn't treated like a big deal was a huge disservice to him. This is why a lot of fans want to see Angle turn up in AEW, in order to give him the final run that he deserves.


Whether it be building up to one final match with an amazing wrestler like Bryan Danielson, or having him as a manager of another wrestler, Angle deserves a better final run than the one WWE crafted for him. Retirements aren't always secure in wrestling, so seeing him come back would be fine in the eyes of most of the audience.

There's no doubt that if he worked hard and wanted to be there, then Angle could have a fantastic final run with AEW. Putting the WWE spell to the back of his mind, allowing the fans to wrap up their thoughts on Angle in a much different manner.

AEW's Track Record With Legends Has Been Good

Unlike WWE, AEW has got a fantastic track record with using legendary wrestlers, whether it be in the ring or otherwise. Tony Khan doesn't give up on people because of their age, with the likes of Jim Ross, Arn Anderson, and Jake Roberts all proving they still have lots to give the industry.

Sting is another example of a wrestler who ended their career in WWE but then fought back to do it properly, in a much more fitting manner, and that is what's happening. His spell with AEW has been superb, and Kurt Angle could enjoy the same.

Sting in AEW

Because the company has built up a great track record of treating legends with respect, Angle could join the company and believe in himself as a top star. It is easy to imagine that Tony Khan would know exactly what to do with him.

The fact that AEW has reportedly tried to sign him countless times showcases that Khan would like to work with Angle, and whenever he is set on making something happen, he's done a great job booking it. That is why a lot of people are interested in seeing the WWE Hall Of Famer join the company, to see what they would do with him.

Going To AEW Allows Angle To Give Back To The Business

Ultimately, Angle should consider joining AEW in order to truly give back to the business. During his final WWE spell, the entire run felt more about him having a farewell moment than actually putting other people over, and Angle can still be used well in that situation. If he had been able to get his storyline with Jason Jordan going, Angle would have been able to pass on to the next wrestler. However, that never happened and his storyline with Baron Corbin didn't really enhance the former NXT star in any way.

Kurt Angle v Baron Corbin - WrestleMania

Right now, Sting is a great example of giving back to the industry one last time, as his work with Darby Allin is truly making an impact. Angle wouldn't even need to wrestle all of the time in order to do it, as simply managing a wrestler could be effective.

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It's clear that WWE has no intentions of using him, even in rare legends spots like many others get put into. Therefore, rather than sitting on the shelf and letting people remember him last for an underwhelming final match with Corbin, it would be better to see Angle back out there, giving back to the business. He is still somebody that fans appreciate and have a connection with, therefore he should utilize that. Make the most of his star power and get back to doing what he does best, which is entertaining the wrestling world.

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