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Lance Storm was a bonafide star in WCW with a reasonably successful run in WWE. Moreover, he isn't short of opinions, especially about his fellow WCW brethren, Disco Inferno.

On Twitter, Lance Storm commented on a GIF of Disco Inferno dancing on Monday Nitro. Storm said, "Could have been worse. He could have come out to wrestle."

Disco Inferno has always been a polarising figure for wrestling fans, garnering all sorts of criticisms across the years. While indeed a compelling personality, Storm felt that his in-ring work was lacking. Disco didn't necessarily lack in the title arena. He was a:

  • One-time WCW Cruiserweight Champion
  • One-time WCW World Tag Team Champion w/ Alex Wright
  • Two-time WCW World Television Champion

Storm, on the other hand, captured over 13 Championships across ECW, WCW, and WWE. Storm was known for his in-ring work, and few would ever doubt that. So, he does have credibility when commenting on someone's wrestling ability. Storm was a producer at WWE before being released in 2020.

Tony Khan compares WCW 1997 Roster to AEW's Roster

Tony Khan is a student of wrestling history and is more than familiar with the Monday Night Wars when WCW was at its peak. In an interview on Busted Open, Khan said that the 1997 WCW roster was a mix of stars and young stars and was comparable to AEW's current roster.

“I like to compare our roster sometimes to what I think was the hallmark great roster, which is 1997 WCW. You had all these stars and all this young talent, and I really do my best to try to utilize the roster even better than they were doing when they were a successful company, printing money in 1997, 1998. Because they had a lot of young talent that they didn’t really utilize, and they could’ve built for the future to help make it a profitable company that they never would’ve wanted to shut down. They could’ve made it a money printing machine if they had developed the young talent in-house that they had, like Chris Jericho and Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio," said Tony Khan. (H/T - Fightful)

It's a matter of debate whether AEW's roster can be compared to WCW in 1997. There's some evidence to suggest that Khan has modeled his roster according to those principles or, at the very least, taken inspiration from it.

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