Former WWE Champion will be a free agent in two days - Wrestling News

Bray Wyatt appears to be ready to return to the ring and it doesn’t look like fans have much longer to wait.

The former WWE champion sent out the following tweet, “2 more days.” That is the amount of time left on his non-compete.

Dave Meltzer reported that there was interest from both Impact Wrestling and AEW and there was talk that he could show up at the show in Rochester a few weeks ago. That would have only been possible if Wyatt was able to negotiate to have WWE let him out of his non-compete like Chelsea Green and others have done.

There is no word on where Wyatt will land but Tony Khan has stated that he is interested in speaking with him when the time is right. It appears that he will be using his real name or part of his real name when he makes his re-debut.

Wyatt was released from his WWE contract at the end of July. At the time of his release, he was getting ready to return to the ring at a WWE Raw show in Orlando.

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