Does Devin Haney want to fight Teofimo Lopez or is it all a smokescreen?

After trading verbal blows in Fresno, California, on Saturday night during the Garcia vs. Martin card on DAZN, is the boxing world a step closer to seeing WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney and WBA, WBO and IBF title holder Teofimo Lopez finally go head-to-head in the ring?

The two men earned plenty of praise from the Fight Disciples, Adam Catterall and Nick Peet, on the latest episode of The DAZN Boxing Show, but the duo questioned whether Haney really wants the unification clash. 

"Now I've got to take my hat off to Devin Haney because he initiated this confrontation with Teofimo Lopez, he's gone after him, he's decided to try and anger him into a fight," Catterall said. 

However, once Haney and Lopez joined Chris Mannix and Sergio Mora to discuss the altercation, the Fight Disciples felt the WBC champion let himself down.

"The two gentlemen turn up on DAZN with Mannix and Maura and they've picked the bones out of that discussion. And at that moment, I'm shaking my head. I'm thinking Devin, what are you doing sunshine? Why are you mentioning social media followings? Why are you talking about how much money you earn?" Catterall went onto say. 

"There's a difference between wanting to fight or wanting to fight whether the price is right."

Peet believes if the opportunity for both men to face each other was possible, Lopez would immediately take the fight unlike Haney who seems to be more concerned about how much he is getting paid.

"I'll tell you now Teofimo Lopez takes it. He takes it because he's proven in the past. It's not about money. for him. It's about legacy. It's about proven he's the best in the weight division, which he has done," Peet stated.

"But I'll tell you now, would Devin Haney take 50% of that money, or what do you start talking about? I've got more followers. I usually get paid more than you so I need more than you now no Devin." 

"Listen, I'm a Devin Haney super fan. But tell you what, it's about time Devin Haney started to walk the walk as well as he talks the talk."

Watch Devin Haney and Teofimo Lopez clash ringside during Gacia vs. Martin below.

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