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AEW star CM Punk recently sat down with NYC radio host Josh Martinez. Punk reflected on his AEW debut at “The First Dance” in Chicago. AEW President Tony Khan has called it “the worst kept secret”, and Punk talked about whether he had any other ideas for his debut that he wished could have happened.

“I don’t think you could have done a better, well-executed plan than what we did, best of both worlds,” Punk admitted. “We managed to monetize it without being greedy about it but also keep it as a surprise, worst kept secret. I literally don’t think it could have gone any better. I think with AEW, we realize there’s nothing wrong with giving the fans what they want. I think far often, too many times, the fans are always waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. We like to give them what they want. They want great wrestling, we’ll give it to them. It’s an easy formula.”

Many fans had theorized a bait-and-switch scenario that night where “Cult of Personality” would play but MJF could come out instead of Punk. Punk responded to that idea.

“Lowest hanging fruit in that aspect,” Punk said. “That, of course, did cross my mind, but then once I realized that that was the thought on everybody’s mind, to me, it wasn’t the right thing to do yet. Not yet. Not yet.”

On the night of Punk’s debut, Punk jumped into the crowd and was absorbed by dozens of fans. He has done it a few times since then, but he had not done it so much as of late. He explained why that is the case.

“I think in NYC it’s a no no. Their athletic commission likes to flex so haven’t done it there,” Punk explained. “Also, if I’m wrestling, I’m not doing it because I’m not trying to take chances and stuff like that before I get the ring. I’m taking enough chances in the ring, but it’ll come back. We’ll see it.”

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