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One of the biggest releases of WWE over the last year has been Bray Wyatt, AKA The Fiend. It’s one of the most original gimmicks in WWE for a while. As of 29th October, Bray Wyatt, now going by Windham, is now free to appear on any show.

Windham signified this yesterday, tweeting, “2 more days”. Since then, a lot of wrestlers have shown their respect to the return of Bray Wyatt. One of them was his former tag team partner’s Matt Hardy, who is currently signed with AEW.

It looks like Windham is going to land on his feet

Multiple sources have revealed that Windham has been seen in Los Angeles. With it being said that Windham is working on Hollywood type projects. There has also been some massive interest from Impact Wrestling.

It is suggested that Impact were trying to move mountains to sign Wyatt. Then there’s also AEW, who Tony Khan himself has commented saying that he would love to speak to Windham in the future.

Where will we see Windham return to the Square Circle?

It looks like Windham has a lot of offers on the table from Wrestling companies and maybe even Hollywood. But many fans are trying to figure out when and where he will return to the Square Circle. Impact and AEW seem to be the most likely. It currently looks like AEW is the more likely location due to being the biggest company out there apart from WWE.

Impact has been trying to sign Windham, but the bigger stage may be the best choice for the monster that will be Windham. One of his close friends, Brody Lee, who passed away, did wrestle in AEW, and his influence will be seen through the company for years to come.

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