Alen Babic 214.3 vs. Eric Molina 257 - weigh-in results ⋆ Boxing News 24

By Charles Brun: Unbeaten heavyweight entertainer Alen Babic weighed in at 214.3 lbs on Friday’s weigh-in for his eight-round co-feature bout against two-time world title challenger Eric Molina for Saturday’s clash on DAZN at the O2 Arena in London, England.

For his part, the 39-year-old Molina (28-7, 20 KOs) weighed in 42.7 pounds heavier than Babic (8-0, 8 KOs) at 257 lbs.

This fight is considered a toss-up in the eyes of many people, as Babic has no experience against quality opposition and he’s essentially a primitive cruiserweight without defense.

Molina wins easily if he has anything left

If Molina has anything left in the tank at this stage in his long 14-year professional career, he’ll destroy Babic on Saturday with ease.

In his prime, Molina would have made easy work against a tiny crude slugger like Babic, but he’s pushing 40 now and he’s been knocked out in two out of his last three fights.

What Babic has in his favor is his youth, the fans, and the fact that Molina has lost three out of his last five fights.

Obviously, Babic wouldn’t have been matched up against Molina if the American was coming into the fight with a winning streak in his last five matches.

Babic’s management likely spotted the weakness in Molina and they wanted a name guy that hardcore boxing fans were familiar with. Hence, Molina was picked out for Babic, but it’s still not a certainty that the Croatian will win.

Given Babic’s lack of size and his wide-open reckless style of fighting, he’s not going to be able to go much further than fighting past their prime guys like Molina before he begins losing repeatedly.

Babic is too small and his defense too poor for him to fight top-tier heavyweights in their prime.

Official weights for Saturday:

  • Alen Babic 214.3 vs. Eric Molina 257
  • Johnny Fisher 242 vs. Alvaro Terrero 222
  • Craig Richards 175 vs. Marek Matyja 174.5
  • Youssef Khoumari 129.75 vs. Jorge Castaneda 129
  • Jordan Thompson 199.2 vs. Piotr Podlucki 195.3
  • Chantelle Cameron 139.6 vs. Mary McGee 139.7

“It doesn’t matter what’s been said all week. I’ve got to be ready to go on Saturday,” said Eric Molina to the Sportsman on his match against Alen Babic on Saturday.

“It’s a short notice fight and I’ve got to be ready, I’ve got to be strong, I’ve got to feel good and I’m not going to let my emotions waste energy. I’m going to stay on top of my game,” said Molina. “In other words, I’m smart, I’m experienced, and I know what I’m doing here.

“He’s [Alen Babic] a fan-favorite because he’s reckless. What happens when you’re reckless? Eventually, you run into a wreck, and I’m definitely that guy that can bring about that wreck.

“I feel strong, I feel good, I feel the attributes that I have, I feel like my right hand is stronger and more accurate.

“And I feel like I have everything it takes to bring that wreck to him,” said Molina in stating that he sees himself beating the undefeated Babic.

“Let’s break down this guy [Babic]. He’s 210lbs, he throws punches like he doesn’t care.  How far do you really think he’s going to get in this heavyweight division? He has no craft, he has no defense, and he’s beating guys he’s supposed to beat,” said Molina.

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