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In a recent post, AEW star Malakai Black opened up about a horrendous incident that happened in his life which almost slipped him into a comma.

Black is considered to be one of the most talented wrestlers on the AEW roster. The former WWE Superstar is well known for his knee strikes, which can be very painful for his opponents.

Formerly known as Aleister Black in WWE, the Dutch Destroyer caught the eye of the wrestling world with his style. Black has an extensive background in martial arts as he is well trained in kickboxing and the Indonesian martial art of Pencak Silat. However, the same style of wrestling became the reason for his departure from WWE, as reports suggest that Vince McMahon had no clue about his style.

Black joined AEW after he departed from WWE, and is now known by his new ring name, Malakai Black. In a recent Instagram post, Black shared an image of himself pulling off an incredible move called Khao Loi.

The Dutch superstar shared an incident due to a dreadful knee injury. Black added that his stubborn decision to not consult a doctor nearly put his life at huge risk of slipping into a comma.

“Khao Loi, or running knee strike, flying knee strike, scissor knee strike. Back in 2007 I was sick, I got a cut in my leg that got so infected It took me out for 3 months. Stubborn as I am I refused to go to the doctor till the day I woke up with black veins on my stomach, leg and groin, that moment I figured paying a visit might be a good idea. The doctor told me if I waited another 3 days I might’ve slipped into a coma or worse as I waited far too long to treat this. I was given several treatments soon I started feeling better. The recovery process however took a long time,” said Malakai Black

Malakai Black defeats Cody Rhodes at AEW Grand Slam

This was supposed to be the match where AEW star Cody Rhodes was to settle the scores of his first match with Black. But the outcome favored Malakai Black instead as he defeated the American Nightmare for the second time.

One of the biggest talking points of the match was the hostile reception Cody received from AEW fans as they booed him throughout the match.

AEW recently released a promo featuring Malakai Black where he hinted that his rivalry with Cody Rhodes may be over.

The Dutch Destroyer stated that the black mist he hit on Cody at Grand Slam gets into his whole body and shows him how dangerous he can be. Black also mentioned moving forward and facing other AEW stars soon.

AEW has a new giant. His name is Satnam Singh. And he spoke to Sportskeeda right here.

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