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Vince Russo recently shared his thoughts on why WWE should bring in young and underdeveloped talent from AEW in exchange for aging stars in the company.

Speaking on the latest edition of Sportskeeda Legion of RAW, Vince Russo pitched the idea of the two promotions trading talent. Russo stated that Tony Khan would willingly bring in the likes of Cesaro and Sheamus if WWE offered them in exchange for underutilized young talent in AEW.

Russo also added Jeff Hardy to the list of WWE stars whom Khan would hire in a heartbeat, although he stated that these recruitments wouldn't make much of a difference to the show.

"If I was Vince and I saw some younger, under-developed talent, underutilized talent at AEW, I would want them. I swear to god Tony Khan is such a mark. If I was Vince, I would have Bruce or whoever is the henchman, literally call Tony Khan, 'Hey, interested in Sheamus? Cesaro? You got these guys we are interested in.' Bro, he (Tony Khan) would grab those guys up like he grabbed Mark Henry. Like he grabbed the Big Show, and like he grabbed all these guys that are ten years past their prime. Sheamus and Cesaro would not make one bit of difference on that show, but Khan would mark out. And if WWE could get some promising talent that's not utilized, I would do that in a heartbeat, bro. You could take 10 guys of this roster right now and offer them up to Tony Khan and get the pick of who you want. And Jeff Hardy would be on that list. You gotta tell me Tony Khan would not take Jeff Hardy? Of course, he would. And it would mean absolutely nothing except to the AEW marks," said Vince Russo.

Check out Vince Russo's thoughts on this week's edition of WWE RAW, which featured plenty of performers shifting brands:

AEW's Brian Cage would fit well into WWE's environment

While we have seen plenty of WWE stars departing the company to become All Elite, there have been very few instances of performers from AEW leaving for Vince McMahon's promotion.

However, now that Tony Khan's promotion is overflowing with talent, a few stars in the company are bound to feel underutilized. One such case is of Brian Cage, whose wife recently created ripples when she took to Twitter to point this out.

Cage hasn't been as successful in AEW as expected but could find himself in a better position in WWE owing to his imposing physique.

Do you agree with Vince Russo's take on why AEW and WWE should trade talent? Sound off in the comments section below.

AEW has a new giant. His name is Satnam Singh. And he spoke to Sportskeeda right here.

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