AEW News: Shawn Stasiak shares talks about CM Punk on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Unskripted

During a recent edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Unskripted, former WWE star Shawn Stasiak spoke about CM Punk.

Stasiak claimed that, initially, he wasn't a fan of Punk and only preferred certain types of wrestlers. Stasiak mentioned that he was always the "body guy" and looked up to wrestlers with bigger physiques and larger-than-life personalities.

The former WWE star mentioned the likes of Sting, Road Warriors, and even Rick Rude. The 15-time WWE Hardcore Champion added that there was a sense of realism these brought into professional wrestling.

"I don't wanna get too caught up in this because I think if you have the same body types, it would be boring. I was always, kind of, I guess, a body guy. You know, in the sense I kind of looked up to the guy with the better, bigger physiquesl; larger than life characters. Whether it was the face-painted Ultimate Warriors or the Stings, or the Road Warriors. But, when Rick Rude walked through the curtain when I was a teenager, I believed that Rick Rude could kick my butt and steal my girlfriend. There was a believability, there was a realism that I bought into," said Shawn Stasiak.

However, Stasiak has now changed his way of thinking and believes the same body type in pro-wrestling would be boring. He mentioned that there are certain guys he didn't quite get but now is a fan of.

He concluded by mentioning how he loves CM Punk because of the realistic aspect of him.

"With that, it would be boring to have the same body types, but I don't know, I didn't quite get it. You know there are certain guys that you just don't quite get but, now, I get them and I actually am a fan now. I love him because he's so real; I love realism," added Shawn Stasiak.

CM Punk made his AEW debut at AEW Rampage: The First Dance

At AEW Rampage: The First Dance, CM Punk made his AEW debut and returned to pro-wrestling for the first time in over seven years. Since then, Punk has gone on to beat Darby Allin in a singles match at All Out. He also beat Powerhouse Hobbs on an episode of AEW Rampage: Grand Slam.

You can watch the full episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Unskripted here:

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Edited by Abhinav Singh

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