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Former WWE writer Vince Russo recently shared his thoughts on AEW Rampage's dwindling ratings since CM Punk's debut at The First Dance.

On the August 20th show, where Punk debuted, AEW Rampage registered a massive 1.129 million viewers. However, the show has witnessed a drastic fall in ratings since then, with its latest episode drawing just 696,000 viewers.

Many have pinpointed the reason for this to AEW not catering well to mainstream audiences. Vince Russo also shares similar sentiments. Speaking on the latest episode of Legion of RAW, the former WCW Champion stated that the hardest thing in wrestling is to bring back fans.

Furthermore, Russo pointed out that AEW has lost all the casual viewers and has only a niche audience. He added that even the addition of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson could not boost the promotion's ratings.

Vince Russo explained that one needs to put out consistently great shows every week to improve the numbers, something which he feels AEW isn't doing right now.

"Chris, I gotta tell you, the hardest thing in wrestling is to get the fans back. And let me tell you something quick bro because I have said this all along, they (AEW) have lost the casual fans. They ain't gonna get them back. They have created a very niche audience, and that's what they have got. Bro, to get back those casual fans, it's not gonna be a CM Punk, it's not gonna be a Daniel Bryan. The only thing that brings those fans is a good, consistent show week after week after week, and that's not happening bro," said Vince Russo.

AEW would look to bounce back with stronger ratings for Rampage in the future

Though AEW Rampage didn't do well in ratings last week, it's sure not to cause any major worry to Tony Khan. AEW Dynamite registered its second-highest ratings ever for the previous week's edition and will hope to continue the momentum this week as well.

As for AEW Rampage, the ratings could yet again be on the lower side since the show would be taped immediately after Dynamite. It may lead to the show's spoilers being all over the internet, lowering the intrigue level among the viewers.

Do you agree with Vince Russo's take on why AEW Rampage is losing its ratings? Sound off in the comments section below.

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