Josh Warrington, Mauricio Lara ends in technical draw following head clash | DAZN News US

Josh Warrington's rematch with Mauricio Lara was over before it really got going due to a clash of heads

LEEDS, ENGLAND - Josh Warrington’s dreams of revenge against Mauricio Lara were ended at the end of round two after an accidental clash of heads meant the Mexican couldn’t continue. As four rounds were not completed, the bout was scored a technical draw from Emerald Headingley Stadium.

"The cut was absolutely horrendous," Warrington promoter Eddie Hearn said to DAZN on the post-fight show. "You could tell Lara was looking for a way to keep fighting, but the doctor determined that the cut was from the beginning of the eyelid to the end. I wanted to see more rounds, but unfortunately, something like that had never happened to me before. It was shaping up to be a great fight."

Warrington had made an impressive start and enjoyed a solid opening session as he displayed a solid work rate to take the first round. In round two, Lara’s power was evident as he landed a number of heavy shots, but a clash of heads halfway through the round was the fight’s key moment. 

Lara was inspected by the ringside doctor before the third round, and it was decided he couldn’t continue. Both fighters looked devastated at the unsatisfactory ending, but it ensures the rivalry stays alive as a new date will likely be sought for a third fight to take place.  

"Warrington looked very comfortable, fresh in body, fresh in mind, and I really think he could have won the fight today, but now we don't know," Hearn said. "What we do know is that he has a great future in front of him. Now we'll see how long it takes Mauricio Lara to heal. I want Josh Warrington back in the ring as soon as possible. He's fresh. It was two rounds, I don't know when that will be, but that cut will take months to heal. Lara will take six months, but I want to see Josh in the ring if possible and make that third fight early next year."

Here is a full recap of Mauricio Lara vs. Josh Warrington 2.

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