I cannot respect clowns like Jake Paul, explains Sergio Mora | DAZN News US

Sergio Mora said he learned nothing from Jake Paul’s fight with Tyron Woodley at the weekend.

Paul extended his unbeaten record to 4-0 against the former UFC fighter in what was his toughest bout yet.

However, former world champion Mora said on JABS as part of the DAZN Boxing Show that there was not much impressive from the 24-year-old YouTuber’s performance - and certainly nothing truly impressive.

“I learned nothing: I mean, poor conditioning, no legs, bad technique. I learned nothing,” he began.

“The only thing I learned is that times are changing. PT Barnum, who was a showman, and a businessman and a circus promoter, the greatest promoter out there, he said that he never lost a buck underestimating the American public. And that's what we saw -  these guys packed the house in Ohio.”

He did have some grudging respect for earning money, but little in terms of the fight itself.

“And you got to give them credit,” he claimed. 

“You got to give Jake Paul and the Paul brothers credit for doing that. But I learned nothing as far as boxing terms. A sloppy mess, and I'm disappointed that the only fighter or mixed martial artist in Woodley couldn’t expose that it was just disappointing.

“But in a business sense. I hope it was popular. Let's look at the bright side of things. But as a fighter I learned absolutely nothing.”

Mora then suggested that there was little to respect from Paul as a fighter, given his track record against non-traditional boxers.

“So if you're showing the passion, and you're telling them that they belong, and they can go eight rounds and they're feeling all proud, good for them,” he began.

“Do you expect me to respect that as a fighter? Hell no, until they start doing it against professional fighters and not 40 year old MMA fighters, and basketball players, and this other nonsense then I, a former champion and professional fighter, cannot respect these these clowns.”

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