George Kittle's celebration, explained: How wrestling inspired 49ers TE's unique hand gesture

In an alternate reality, George Kittle is jumping off the top rope to lay down a vicious elbow drop.

If you've seen the 49ers tight end secure a first down, you may have noticed his unique celebratory hand gesture: He makes an "OK" sign with his hands, before turning it upside down to look like an M.

For the unitiated, this is a befuddling taunt. For wrestling fans, though, it's a cool homage to one of the best wrestlers on planet Earth.

Kittle's love of pro wrestling is well documented, and the hand gesture has a lot of meaning to Kittle, and the wrestler who pioneered it has had a big influence on Kittle, as well.

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George Kittle's celebration

The 49ers tight end is known for having no fear on a football field — and that's exactly what the hand gesture means.

Borrowed from world-famous Mexican luchador Pentagon Jr. — currently wrestling as Penta El Zero M in All Elite Wrestling — the hand gesture is a "Zero" dropped into an M, for "Cero Miedo," Spanish for "Zero Fear." That's certainly befitting of a fearless player, as Kittle is.

Kittle, a wrestling fanatic, explained the influence that Pentagon Jr. had on him at a press conference in 2020:

It's from Pentagon Jr. He's an AEW wrestler now. "Cero Miedo," no fear. So, two years ago in New Orleans, I went to WrestleMania and I watched him wrestle like, six different times at a bunch of different shows. Just like his, his swagger in the ring and his confidence just kinda stuck with me. And I mean, wrestling is something I love and enjoy, too. So, seeing that in the ring and how he holds himself, how he enters the ring and he leaves the ring, everything he does has a purpose. And I just kinda love that.

Alongside his brother Rey Fenix, Pentagon Jr. is currently one-half of the AEW Tag Team champions the Lucha Bros. The duo is one of the best tag teams in the world, and individually they are some of the most highly decorated lucha libre stars in the wrestling history.

Kittle is probably hoping he can wrap some gold around his waist in the future — or at least around his finger.

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