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Hilarious cockatiel won't let owner use laptop

Sunny the talking cockatiel is the apple of his owner's eyes. He loves to be the center of attention. This little guy is beloved and he knows it!! He does nearly everything with the family. And if you don't include him, he will find a way to include himself whether they like it or not. One day, Sunny was hanging around with mom as usual while she played on her phone. But when she got too involved on Facebook for Sunny's liking, the jealous little bird jumped into action. His little stunt speaks to the high intelligence parrots have. Sunny is determined to stop mom from giving her attention to the phone. And he has found a solution. Sit right in front of the phone's screen and block her vision. Back and forth he turns his head in sync with his moms' who tries to see around him. The little stinker knows exactly what he is doing. As his mom giggles and tries to ignore him, Sunny comes up with another strategy. Talking with all the cuteness in the world. He chats it up with the phone saying hi to it and telling it what a pretty bird he is. Next thing you know he starts to sing a song that he and mom always sing together. "All of the pretty ferrets sing, la la la". But mom refuses to sing along. The spunky little bird retaliates when his owner gently tries to remove him so she can see the phone. And then we see why she didn't try to remove him in the first place. That cutie has a sharp beak! Way to go Sunny, you win!

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