Becky Lynch Opens Up About Past Issues With Her Body - Wrestling Inc.

WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch sat down with Muscle & Fitness to discuss how she kept in shape prior to and after giving birth to her daughter Roux this past December. Lynch credits many factors, from her normal training to living a healthier lifestyle while being off the road for over a year.

“So, I wonder if a lot of it is sleeping in my own bed every night, just because in WWE, we are on the go so much,” Lynch said. “We are on the road and we got to eat out, and so now, I get to sleep in my own bed. But you know, I stay in my own bed, and can cook, and do all of those things to live a healthier lifestyle that are more challenging on the road.

“I also just wonder if it’s running around as a busy mom, because I am training the same way as I’ve always trained, quite intense.”

Lynch also spoke about how self conscious she had been over the years about keeping in shape. She now feels she’s in a place where she appreciates her body more than ever.

“I just feel like I appreciate my body more,” Lynch said. “I go ‘well, you know what? I’ve created a life. This is great, this is great.’ I don’t really care how it looks any more, you know what I mean? If that makes sense? I’ve always had body issues, and I was always self conscious about showing my stomach off. And now, I’m just real proud of the function of it, of everything it can do. So I don’t know if it’s a mental thing that just turns into a physical thing. If that makes any sense?”

Lynch is scheduled to defend the Smackdown Women’s Championship this Sunday at Extreme Rules, where she will take on former Women’s Champion Bianca Belair.

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