Jake Paul branded a 'troll' for suggesting Canelo Alvarez is scared of him - DAZN

Ak and Barak discuss Jake Paul's latest contribution to society on the DAZN Boxing Show.

Akin ‘Ak’ Reyes and Barak Bess believe Jake Paul’s latest outbursts are just the YouTube celebrity looking for easy clout.

Paul has namechecked Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez in recent weeks ahead of his fourth professional fight, against former UFC fighter Tyron Woodley. 

Both Ak and Barak think that the 24-year-old American is simply using Canelo’s name to draw attention to himself.

“So we know he's a troll. So you have to take it with a grain of salt,” Ak said on the DAZN Boxing Show.

“Look, he is going to troll. It brought him a lot of success, a lot of attention. But then there's a side of you that wants to take Jake seriously because he trains hard. He's taking the sport seriously. He only has three professional body fights.”

“But you can't say that Canelo is scared of you. You have to pick and choose. Are you going to watch? Ae you going to troll people that you could potentially fight and beat? That makes sense.

"But trolling Canelo and saying scared. Now you're clout chasing? That is the definition of clout chasing. Because he knows that Canelo isn't afraid of him and Canelo wouldn't even take a fight with him in a professional boxing ring. 

“I like Jake Paul, I'm in support of him. I think he can beat a lot of guys out there. But stating that Canelo was scared is not the move.”

Barak suggested one way forward for Canelo - to take Paul on and ‘destroy him’.

“Yes, he's definitely trolling but what should happen is Canelo should say, ‘I'll take you up on that,’” Barak said.

“And Canelo should destroy him. Imagine if Canelo came out and said, ‘Okay, let's do this.’

“Yeah, he'd be scared... but this is the thing: is he the king troll? Yes.”

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