Anderson Silva ready to face Logan Paul: 'Anything is possible' | DAZN News Poland

The former UFC fighter could fight the YouTuber in future.

Anderson Silva is ready to consider a fight with YouTuber Logan Paul.

Silva is preparing for his second professional boxing fight after defeating Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in his first bout. His next opponent will be another former UFC fighter, erstwhile light heavyweight Tito Ortiz, on September 11.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of the fight, Silva admitted that Paul could still figure in his future plans.

“Let’s go see. Anything is possible,” Silva said. 

“We can’t control that situation. I can control one thing — training hard, listening to my coach.

“The other side, I can’t control that. If that happens, I’m prepared for that. If not, I will continue training.

“Everything’s possible. I love fighting. Fighting is a big part of my life.

“I challenge myself every single moment. I never stop training. Triller came to me and asked about this opportunity to fight Tito. It’s a great honor, he’s a legend. I saw Tito and said, ‘He’s a monster, this is amazing.’ I’m a big fan of Tito. This is a big show for the fans.

“The shows for the fans are completely different. I think me, Vitor, Tito and other MMA fighters are ready to show what we can do. I am waiting for the next challenge, maybe it comes from Logan Paul. We shall see.”

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