Tucker Says WWE Never Gave Heavy Machinery Tag Titles Because They Got Over On Their Own

WWE is full of stories, all concocted in Vince McMahon’s head. If he doesn’t like the way that fans are reacting to something he will do his best to change things. The ThunderDome gave him a perfect opportunity to manipulate reactions to his liking, but Heavy Machinery received big reactions from live fans prior to the pandemic. Despite all that, they were never given a run as champions.

While speaking to The Angle Podcast, the former Tucker shared a theory he has about why Heavy Machinery was never given a chance to run as champions. This had to do with the fact that fans cheered for them on their own without needing to be prodded by WWE creative.

“At the risk of sounding arrogant, I think maybe a part of the reason why we didn’t get those is because we were able to get over [become popular] on our own. We’re this big babyface team, like you listen to the crowd when we come out, they love us, they’re all about us. You don’t need to put the straps on us for them [fans] to be like, ‘Hey, we like these guys and we’re all about them.’”

Vince McMahon has been known to pull someone off television or change up their presentation when they are getting over more than he wants. You can ask Ryback, CM Punk, and Santino Marella all about that. Tucker seems to believe that Heavy Machinery were in the same situation, and it’s hard to call his theory impossible to imagine.

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