Sean Waltman Confirms WWE Are Creating a Post 9/11 Documentary

Two-time Hall of Fame inductee Sean Waltman has broken the news that WWE are currently working on a new documentary. This will focus on the first show they held immediately after the 9/11 terrorist attack.

While talking during an appearance on the Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast, Sean Waltman spoke about the recent anniversary of the NWO formation. It was much celebrated on the WWE network. It was then, during that conversation that Waltman let the details slip.

“I sat down for some talking head stuff. They’re doing a documentary on the SmackDown after 9/11. I have vivid memories of all that. We were the first ones to do anything after that happened.” Sean Waltman revealed.

He didn’t have any more details that he was able to divulge, but the announcement is newsworthy in and of itself.

WWE was the first company to hold a live event with a crowd after the attacks. It was a special night that carries with it more than a little historical significance.

Sean Waltman Wil Likely Feature in the New WWE Documentary

While many people are highly critical of the WWE in-ring product right now, one fact remains unshakable. They make fantastic documentaries and behind the scenes shows. A documentary detailing the events leading up to and surrounding their show immediately following the 9/11 attacks would be a very emotional affair. Sean Waltman was there that night and will surely play a part in the final documentary.

While Sean Waltman was unable to give any more specifics about the show, he was clearly given the all-clear to mention it. With the 20th anniversary of the attack this year, it is likely that the documentary will air sometime around then.

There is something even more haunting about a documentary regarding the terrorist attacks, as we stand at the end of a pandemic that saw crowds removed from wrestling shows for over eighteen months. Wrestling is entertainment, but it is something that has been there for some of the largest moments of our generation. For many, it is the lifeline that gets us through the tough times that life throws our way.

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