Pipeline from WWE Superstars to Movie Stars

Movie stars come from a variety of backgrounds, including television, commercials, and theater. But in modern times, many of the most beloved and successful movie stars first became known as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) athletes.

Currently the second highest-selling actor Dwayne Johnson in all of the movies, Beloved star fast and furious And Jumanji Not just a franchise Moana. Johnson was first introduced to fans as WWE’s superstar “The Rock.” He’s not the only wrestler to break into Hollywood, what makes this leap possible for WWE and modern cinema?

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WWE was born almost 70 years ago under several other names. In particular, the United World Wrestling Federation, which was its name until 2002. The Sports Entertainment Empire has maintained an enthusiastic fan base. The size has fluctuated over the years, Sometimes a very powerful force of pop culture. This is not the time now. Viewership has been declining over the past few years, with 2013 being the last significant high in TV views and Google Trends. Many of the stars that have grown from WWE completely obscure old homes.

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The jump of WWE performers from the ring into Hollywood is nothing new. A unique aspect of modern crossovers is success. Dozens of superstars have appeared in movies, many of whom have made movies around them. WWE legend Kane starred in a low-budget horror movie Don’t see evil He played a dangerous psychopath. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Appears He played some small roles before appearing in an action movie produced by WWE. The· Blame. WWE has also created a long-term reboot Leprechaun Dylan “Hornswoggle” A series starring the postal service. These films were centered around WWE stars, but they failed altogether, made little profit, and gained a terrible critical reputation.

The previous golden age of movie wrestlers was in the 80’s, when WWE superstars netted their beloved classic parts that defined a performer’s career.Jesse “The Body” Ventura is the Minnesota Governor’s Tag Team Champion, and of course he starred as Brain. American Classic Predator.. Andre the Giant played Fesik, a fan’s favorite side character in a classic movie Princess bride. A prominent example was Hulk Hogan, who made the “Hollywood Hulk Star” label accurate in the role of the movie. Rocky 3 To Suburban commando. Despite some famous roles in some real-quality movies, most WWE stars were worshiped as character actors rather than leading actors.

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Today’s movie stars from WWE are best illustrated in three examples. John Cena, Dave Bautista, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Cena first entered the movie world in the early 2000s, following the popular WWE star model. 12 rounds, Before the headlining of studio comedies like 2018 blocker, Finally starring in both F9 And Suicide squad this year.

Dave Bautista is best known for his role as Drax the Destroyer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he also starred in action comedies. Stuber Play a small role in Blade Runner: 2049. He will also appear in the next Dunes Adaptation from Dennis Villeneuve.. Dwayne Johnson doesn’t need to be introduced, Rock is a popular Hollywood action star Rampage To Baywatch. One of these three eclipse Hogans, the most successful wrestler in the movie by far, and the three confluences are a trend worth discussing.

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WWE offers a unique entertainment style: Some athletics, some sequential live theater.. The performers in the WWE ranks are actors, which is indisputable. People who have never experienced WWE content may not be aware, but with weekly TV outings Wrestlemania The event contains a long-standing, evolving story. The plots are centered around dozens of characters at a time and are constantly changing based on popularity, so the quality varies greatly. In addition, the physical demands of work are intense. The stunts are partly fake, but it’s incredible what’s actually happening. The confluence of this element creates a clear preparation for the life of an action movie star.But if WWE is the perfect training venue, why are the previous generations? Superstars can’t get traction Is the current one incredibly successful?

The obvious argument is one of the qualities, probably with John Cena Dwayne Johnson is just a better actor Than Hulk Hogan or Kane. This is arguably true, but the WWE ecosystem also has some responsibilities. WWE has always been a charismatic economy, and beloved superstars are the most likable superstars, and in the age of social media, it’s easier than ever to measure. Cena recently announced He will return to the ring on social media.. Vocal fans were able to change the direction of the WWE story with excitement and anger. WWE fans are very enthusiastic and spectators can follow their beloved performers from the ring to the theater. With that in mind, the fan base is built in.

Franchise media is the hottest movie in modern times. Filmmakers often hesitate to take the risk of new IPs when it can be far more beneficial to rely on already popular ideas. This ecosystem is perfect for performers from around the world who are not only loved already, but also scrutinize them as charismatic and credible actions.Wrestling in no time It’s a great place to find your fans’ favorites Filmmakers can draw from it to increase the film’s fan base and profile. There are pros and cons to this, but it’s clear that the best performers will rise to the top and the lower performers will see themselves.

The appearance of WWE superstars on the blockbuster screen is clearly a fun phenomenon. WWE performers are proven actors, action stars, and show their chops in the toughest live theater scenarios. Fans are thrilled to see which superstar will make the next leap forward.

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