Jim Cornette Trashes AEW for Their Recent Botches on Live Shows

AEW has provided a strong alternative for people who don’t want to watch WWE. In its short life, AEW has quickly gained success and attained the title of WWE’s rival.


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However, there are certain things the company would like to ameliorate. Even though some people argue that AEW has better content than WWE, the botches during AEW matches surely don’t help.


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Jim Cornette, on his channel, “Official Jim Cornette“, blasted AEW for their average matches filled with botches. Cornette gave his thoughts uncensored by saying,

“Yeah but well, before they said they were going to be fan friendly. And people and fans that wanted to put up clips or gifs or whatever, they weren’t going to go after. But they didn’t realize that they were going to have such a sh*t show that people were going to be compiling all their various bloopers, f**k-ups, mistakes, and other flap doodles and putting them on the internet. Now they’re going after those people.” 

He stated that everybody likes to see somebody slip and fall and recalled the infamous Titus O’Neil trip. Cornette explained that things like this are always is going to happen in wrestling.

Something is going to go wrong even when its nobody’s fault. Jim hit hard at AEW not just for botches but for “phony looking sh*t” because the guys were just looking lost.

Cornette recalls watching a botch compilation of AEW where two wrestlers were standing staring at each other. One guy was pointing to the ropes, while the other guy’s supposed to go hit because he’s lost.

Is AEW going overboard?

Cornette continued that these wrestlers just talk about the spots in the locker room and think because other wrestlers can do it, so can they. Jim emphasizes that wrestlers who are not trained enough or have the ability to do certain spots should never even try them.

Some fans agree with Cornette and some don’t. People who agree feel that AEW is trying too hard to beat WWE, and in the process, sabotaging their own show.

Whereas, people who don’t agree argue that wrestling and botches go hand in hand, and its no one’s fault.


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