Huge match announced for AEW Fyter Fest

AEW Dynamite Road Rager was an excellent wrestling show and delivered big time on the hype. While several matches and segments had been announced ahead of time, we got a major debut in the form of Malakai Black aka Tommy End.

There was also the confirmation of the Coffin Match between Ethan Page and Darby Allin. A match 23 years in the making was announced for AEW Fyter Fest Night 1, as long-time rivals Christian Cage and Matt Hardy confirmed they'll face each other next week.

Matt Hardy accused Christian Cage of following him wherever he went and dishonoring their pact as Christian eliminated Matt Hardy from the Casino Battle Royale. Christian Cage responded by saying he didn't come to AEW to make friends. He was there to cement his legacy in this business. He even referred to Hardy as a 'rich man in a suit with a bad haircut.'

The match at AEW Fyter Fest has been a long time coming

Christian Cage
Christian Cage

Matt Hardy and Christian Cage have a very long history, dating back 23 years as stated by the competitors multiple times. Both were involved in a lengthy feud for the tag team championships in WWE alongside their respective tag team partners.

Edge & Christian and the Hardy Boyz were part of some of the most iconic tag team matches in history. Their ladder matches for the WWE Tag Team Championship set the standard for any future ladder matches.

The first ever singles match between Christian and Hardy took place in 2000 for the WWF European Championship at Raw is War. They had a few more singles contests down the line.

Both wrestled for TNA, albeit at different times, and never clashed. Now back in AEW, they're ready to lock horns at AEW Fyter Fest Night 1 and determine who's the superior wrestler between them.

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