Have we seen the last of Conor McGregor?

After suffering a brutal end to his trilogy match with Dustin Poirier, Conor McGregor may have to admit his best days are over.

McGregor was fired up for his third match with the American fighter as he looked to take the lead in their head-to-head after losing their second bout.

However the Irishman quickly suffered a broken leg and lost as a result of a stoppage. Speaking on the DAZN Boxing Show, Ak and Barak discussed the fight and where McGregor might go from here.

“There was some drama. obviously it was a gruesome leg injury, with breakage but yes, we didn't get a real full fight,” he said.

“Now he was dominated on the floor. But until that point, you know, he was typical Conor McGregor. But here's the thing, Barak, what frustrates me about MMA fighters is that they really show no defense at all, in the boxing stance or in the striking stance. 

“Conor throws great shots, but they all exchange shots with near zero defense, no hand movement, no blockage, no slipping. That's why when he hit his leg, they both missed that left hand and he stepped back, pulled back and broke his leg. 

“It does seem like it was an ankle breakage, above the ankle. Seems like he broke his  lower left leg. 

“I think you'll see more knockouts before they even get to the grappling. Or, you know, in those clinches.”

Ak continued that McGregor might be able to earn a more-than-healthy living by remaining in the Octagon, but his days as a credible title fighter could well be over.

“I think Conor is a huge, just all-round name in all of sports,” he claimed.

“So I think that there's room for him to still be a big draw for a fight. The fact that the fight didn't end cleanly, it leaves room for him to come back and fight again because he didn't get the win. 

“He didn't he didn't lose a decision or get stopped. It was because of the breakage. But I don't think I sense the Floyd Mayweather,  $100 million bank roll.

“I don't think he's been the same fighter. I think he's got comfortable. He's living a lavish life. Maybe he doesn't have that hunger anymore. Still a talented guy. But I don't think we ever see the old Conor McGregor.”

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