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Nicki Weisensee Egan has covered the Bill Cosby case since 2005.

She has sat down with and listened to his victims.

Over the course of the past 16 years, Weisensee Egan has dedicated her life to this specific case, writing a book, producing a podcast and printing countless words that revealed the truth about America’s former “TV dad.”

In 2018, Cobsy was convicted on sexual assault charges and sentenced to serve three-to-10 years in a maximum security prison outside of Philadelphia.

On Wednesday that conviction was overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and Cosby was immediately released.

The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz Podcast took a break from sports on Thursday, as they’ve often done since leaving ESPN at the start of the calendar year, and were joined by Weisensee Egan to discuss the details behind this surprising reversal.

LeBatard started the conversation by accurately giving her the title of “America’s foremost authority on this subject.”

In no specific order, here are five eye-opening Weisensee Egan quotes from their conversation:

“You could see them ruling on this, and then throwing it out and then he gets a new trial. But, they ordered that he can not be tried for a third time and he is immediately released from prison. I really think his wealth, power and privilege came into play with the state supreme court.”

“After his mistrial in 2017 his spokesman, Andrew Wyatt, came out and said (Cosby) was going to do what was called the “sexual assault tour,” go around the country and lecture to people how not to become arrested like he was. There was such an outcry that they cancelled it. Yesterday I was saying ‘I bet he’s going to do some kind of tour now,’ and sure enough Andrew Wyatt said ‘he’s going to do a tour around the country and he has a book and documentary coming out.”

“Watch, the first thing he also does is he’ll make a joke about drugging women’s drinks. He did it at one of his appearances after (he wasn’t charged) in 2005. He did it in January of 2015 after the scandal resurfaced again, and he made a joke about drugging a woman’s drink. I think you’re going to see that again too at one of his first public appearances.”

“I worked for a newspaper that never backed down to anybody. I’ve said, to this day I am convinced, there is no other news organization in the country that would have let me cover this case the way The Daily News did in 2005. So many people were scared of him, or wanted to befriend him, or were scared of his power. The Daily News was just a paper that was never scared of anyone.”

“I can tell you that the average normal poor defendant with a public defender does not get this type of decision. It bars the prosecution from trying him again and orders his immediate release. I was pretty blown away.”

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