Goals and Highlights: Junior (3-4) Libertad in Copa Sudamericana 2021

10:29 PM6 hours ago

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10:27 PM6 hours ago

94' The game ends

The referee decrees the end of the match. Victory for Libertad in their visit to Junior.

10:25 PM6 hours ago

92' Constant attacks by Junior

Long balls from Junior, looking for their strikers to find the equalizer.

10:23 PM6 hours ago

90' Addition time

The referee adds four minutes to the second half.

10:21 PM6 hours ago

88' Junior attack

The locals desperately searched for long balls from the flanks, but the forwards were unable to score.

10:18 PM6 hours ago

86' Libertad holds possession

The visiting team defends with possession, and the locals fail to recover quickly for their attacks.

10:17 PM6 hours ago

83' The pace of the match drops

The fatigue in the teams is noticeable, and the frenetic pace of the teams is slowing down.

10:13 PM6 hours ago

80' Different styles of the teams

Junior looks for ball control and long possession, while Libertad bets on speed in counterattacks.

10:11 PM6 hours ago

77' Strong play from both teams

The teams seek to control the ball, but use strong play to prevent the opponent from advancing.

10:06 PM6 hours ago

74' Junior tries to equalize

The home team is desperately looking for an equalizer as the end of the match draws near.

10:04 PM6 hours ago


Hugo Martínez takes advantage of Larry Vásquez's delivery error and scores the lead for his team.

10:03 PM6 hours ago

69' Teams struggle in the middle

There is no clear dominance of the teams.

10:02 PM6 hours ago

66' Teams press in the middle

There is no defined control by either team, and long balls predominate.

9:56 PM6 hours ago

64' Pressure in the middle of the field

Teams use the strong leg, to stop the opposing intentions of talented players.

9:54 PM6 hours ago

61' Yellow card for Junior and for Libertad

Homer Martinez of Junior and Enciso of Libertad are cautioned for hitting each other.

9:52 PM6 hours ago

58' Junior's control

The local team is constantly looking to increase the score, in order to be victorious in the match.

9:47 PM6 hours ago

55' Teams do not meet on the pitch

The teams are unable to hold the ball in the midfield, and do not generate danger to their opponents.

9:44 PM6 hours ago

52' The ball is fought in the middle

There is no clear dominator in the match, where they fight for possession of the ball.

9:42 PM7 hours ago

50' Junior attacks again

The local team uses its wingers to fill the flanks and generate danger in the opponent's goal.

9:39 PM7 hours ago


Sebastián Viera made a mistake, leaving a rebound in front of his goal, and Enciso scored the equalizer for Libertad.

9:38 PM7 hours ago

47' Libertad starts pressing

The visiting team starts looking for an equalizer.

9:37 PM7 hours ago

Second half begins

The referee signals the start of the second half.

9:26 PM7 hours ago

49' First half ends

The judge decrees the end of the first half.

9:25 PM7 hours ago

47' Libertad's attack at the end

The visitors look for an equalizer before the end of the first half

9:17 PM7 hours ago

45' Four minutes added

The referee adds four minutes to the first half, to make up for the time that has not been played.

9:16 PM7 hours ago

42' The game is stopped

The referee stops the match due to a heavy collision between two players on the field.

9:11 PM7 hours ago


Fredy Hinestroza shoots from outside the area, and the goalkeeper fails to hold the shot, giving his team the lead.

9:09 PM7 hours ago


Gabriel Fuentes' cross from Gabriel Fuentes, which Marlon Piedrahita takes advantage of in the opponent's back and scores the equalizer.

9:08 PM7 hours ago

34' Junior looks for the equalizer

The local team presses constantly, and does not allow the opponent to start a counterattacking game.

9:06 PM7 hours ago

31' Junior tries to get closer

The home team controlled the ball in a timely manner, but their midfielders did not create enough play.

9:05 PM7 hours ago

28' Libertad in control of the match

The visiting team controlled the ball and the actions constantly on the field.

9:03 PM7 hours ago

25' Shallow possession by Junior

The local team is not consistent in its attacks and is not deep in its chances.

8:57 PM7 hours ago

22' Control by Junior

The home team looked to hold the ball with greater depth, but were unable to find it with their midfielders.

8:52 PM7 hours ago

20' Libertad with better options

The visitors took advantage of the spaces on the wings to attack more dangerously than their opponents.

8:49 PM7 hours ago

17' Junior pressure

The home team began to press high, looking to generate options to obtain the equalizer.

8:45 PM7 hours ago


Villalba took advantage of a long ball behind Gabriel Fuentes' back to turn the score around.

8:44 PM7 hours ago


Hector Villalba took advantage of Gabriel Fuentes' mistake and scored the equalizer for the visitors.

8:42 PM8 hours ago

10' Libertad approaches

The visiting team tries a shot from outside the area and the ball is saved by the home goalkeeper.

8:39 PM8 hours ago

7' The ball is fought in the middle

The teams seek to maintain possession of the ball in the middle of the field, and both teams fight back with sufficiency.

8:36 PM8 hours ago


A long ball from Walmer Pacheco, which Carmelo Valencia takes advantage of at speed and scores the first goal of the match.

8:33 PM8 hours ago

2' Initial control by the visitors

The visitors started imposing conditions and looking for the first actions in the match.

8:31 PM8 hours ago

Match starts!

The ball is rolling and the match is underway at the Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez.

8:29 PM8 hours ago

Captain's draw

The captains draw for kickoff and field position at the start of the match.

8:28 PM8 hours ago

The teams take the field

The protagonists who will be looking for the victory in this first leg are out.

8:25 PM8 hours ago

Finalizing the preparation

The teams enter the dressing rooms to finalize their preparations before the start of the round of 16 match.

8:15 PM8 hours ago

Libertad's starting eleven

The visiting team will play as follows:
Tactical module: 1-4-4-2
Martin Silva; Camilo Mayada, Cristian Baez, Alexander Barboza, Mathias Espiniza; Bautista Merlini, Hugo Martinez, Marcelo Díaz, Hector Villalba; Oscar Cardozo and Julio Enciso.
D.T.: Daniel Garnero

8:08 PM8 hours ago

Junior's starting eleven

The home team will play as follows:
Tactical module: 1-4-2-3-1
Sebastián Viera; Walmer Pacheco, Homer Martínez, Germán Mera, Gabriel Fuentes; Larry Vásquez, Didier Moreno; Marlon Piedrahita, Luis González, Freddy Hinestroza; Carmelo Valencia.
Coach: Luis Amaranto Perea

7:53 PM8 hours ago

Pre-competitive activities

The teams warm up on the field to begin their preparation for the game. The goalkeepers and players are guided by the coaching staff, in order to obtain the best performance of the team.

7:39 PM9 hours ago

Arrival of the teams

The protagonists arrive at the stadium in order to carry out the preparatory activities for the match that will start at 8:30 pm, and that we will have on Vavel USA for all of you.

7:36 PM9 hours ago

Our coverage begins

We are already at the Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez in Barranquilla, bringing you all the incidents and details of this match for Copa Sudamericana 2021, between Junior and Libertad, who are looking for the first result of the series to qualify to the next round.

7:21 PM9 hours ago

Tune in here Junior vs Libertad Live Score

Stay tuned to VAVEL, with all the action from the match between Junior and Libertad, who are playing for a place in the next round of the Copa Sudamericana 2021.

7:16 PM9 hours ago

Possible formation of Libertad

The Paraguayan team, with all the new players, could be formed as follows: Silva; Ramírez, Báez, Barboza, Espinoza; Bocanegra, Martínez, Franco; Enciso, Ferreira, Villabla.

7:11 PM9 hours ago

Possible formation of Junior

The local team could be formed with: Viera; Pacheco, Rosero, Ditta, Fuentes; Vasquez, Moreno; Hinestroza, Sambueza; Cetré, Valencia.

7:06 PM9 hours ago

History between Junior and Libertad

This will be the first match between the Colombian team and the Paraguayan squad, who are seeking to qualify for the next round of the international championship. The local team arrives after finishing third in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores, which gave them a place in this round of the Copa Sudamericana. On the other hand, the visiting team qualified as first in its group, earning it a place in the first draw for the draw where they were paired.

7:01 PM9 hours ago

How to watch Junior vs Libertad Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game Junior vs Libertad live on TV, your options is: bein Sports.
If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

6:56 PM9 hours ago

What time is Junior vs Libertad match for South American Cup?

This is the start time of the game Junior vs Libertad of 14th July 2021 in several countries:
Argentina: 21:30 PM in DirecTV Sports y TyC Sports
Bolivia: 20:30 PM in FOX Sports
Brazil: 21:30 PM in ESPN
Chile: 20:30 PM in DirecTV Sports
Colombia: 19:30 PM in DirecTV Sports 
Ecuador: 19:30 horas in DirecTV Sports y TyC Sports
USA (ET): 20:30 PM in CBS
Mexico: 19:30 PM in DirecTV Sports
Paraguay: 21:30 PM in DirecTV Sports
Peru: 19:30 PM in DirecTV Sports
Uruguay: 21:30 PM in DirecTV Sports
Venezuela: 20:30 PM in DirecTV Sports

6:51 PM9 hours ago

Squad list: Libertad

6:46 PM9 hours ago

Squad list: Junior

6:41 PM10 hours ago

Key player: Libertad

Leonel Vangioni is the player with the best performance in the defensive backline, being the player with extensive experience in international competitions, which allows him to be a reference in his team, in search of continental glory for the Paraguayan team.

6:36 PM10 hours ago

Key player: Junior

Sebastián Viera is the player with the best performance for the local team, as his constant saves and good interventions have enabled the Colombian team to qualify for the Copa Sudamericana and continue in search of the continental dream.

6:31 PM10 hours ago

Referee team

Center: Wilton Sampaio (Brazil)
Assistant 1: Bruno Peres (Brazil)
Assistant 2: Danilo Manos (Brazil)
Fourth official: José Argote (Venezuela)
VAR: Rodolpho Toski (Brazil)
AVAR: Pericles Bassols (Brazil)
Referee Advisor: Abraham Gonzales (Colombia)
Video advisor: Freddy Arellanos (Peru)

6:26 PM10 hours ago

Freedom: in search of the first impact in the series

The visiting team arrives looking to continue with the good path shown in the Copa Sudamericana, after finishing first in group F, eliminating Newell's, Atlético Goianense and Palestino. Thus, the Paraguayan team wants to continue its quest to win the Copa Sudamericana.

6:21 PM10 hours ago

Junior: looking for a home win

The local team arrives with new faces, and looking to do well in the Copa Sudamericana, after failing to make it out of the Copa Libertadores. Their main concern is the departure of their two stars, Teófilo Gutiérrez and Miguel Borja.

6:16 PM10 hours ago

The match will be played at the Metropolitano Stadium.

The teams will play the first part of their qualification in the city of Barranquilla, more precisely at the Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Melendez, which has a capacity for 46,692 people. It should be noted that local authorities have decreed that the match will be played without spectators due to the current health emergency caused by COVID 19.

6:11 PM10 hours ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s coverage of the 2021 South American Cup match: Junior vs Libertad Live Updates!

My name is Juan Quintero and I’ll be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL. Stay connected and live with us every emotion of this match.

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